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On-Demand Digital Workshop: Ask Powerful Questions Virtual Experience


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Good For:
  • Remote teams and virtual event organizers who value novel and unique experiences designed to spark connection and improve their communication skills

What is it? 

(the video above says it best)

  • An internet-bending and on-demand interactive virtual workshop on how to Ask Powerful Questions—based on our #1 Bestselling Book
  • Supporting instructions and quick training video, so anybody on your team can run this unique pre-recorded workshop experience
  • Reusable and pre-recorded workshop that can be screen shared and played for multiple groups, teams, classes, breakouts, or cohorts
  • Your purchase includes an unlimited use license, so you can play and replay this experience for teams across your organization

What does it do?

  • Facilitates a brand new style of interactive, on-demand group development
  • Teaches you the skills and techniques for asking better questions in a variety of situations
  • Helps you understand the power of questions and how they can be used to facilitate better communication and understanding
  • Creates a space for connection and healthy experimentation in a safe, virtual environment

Who is it for?

  • This workshop is suitable for a variety of groups and teams ranging from emerging leaders to educators who wants to sharpen their communication skills
  • Virtual event organizers who would love their agenda to break the “sage-on-the-screen” dynamic
  • It is suitable for groups of 12 to 1200+ attendees and can be accessed remotely via Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, or similar video conferencing platform

What happens if I don’t like it?

  • If you don’t like it, we’ll refund you your money. Though thousands of people have already experienced and love this unique style of professional development.

See the Full Details

  • 60-minute pre-recorded (yet interactive) workshop experience that is suitable for groups of 12-200 attendees
  • All attendees will join remotely via Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, or similar video conferencing platform
  • This format allows for an interactive and engaging learning, regardless of where participants are located