We! Start Art


Good For:

Remote meetings, Virtual Events, Creative engagement, Unofficial starts, Setting the tone for interactivity,  Workshops, Trainings, Sparking conversation, Open communication

We! Start Art Elevate Humanity GIF

What is it?

  • 20 unique collaborative murals designed by artists for your group or event attendees to color in digitally via Zoom using the annotation tool or another online whiteboard (you can also print out and color in to collaboratively decorate your space)
  • 2 customizable, blank templates for you to insert your own theme, logo, or tagline into
  • Each image has a different theme or dynamic designed to spark conversation in your group. See pictures for a few examples.
    • One set comes with instructions at the top of the page
    • One set comes with no instructions, so you can use however you’d like
  • Immediately downloadable upon purchase in both PDF and JPG format to be integrated into your events, classes, and presentations

What does it do?

  • Sparks creative engagement and makes online events, meetings, gatherings come to life
  • Creates connection and breaks the ice in a really unique way
  • Makes ideas and conversations in meetings more memorable through the use of imagery
  • Demonstrates how powerful collaboration is and opens up a group for higher level discussions
  • Watch this video to see We! Start Art in action in a virtual event of 250+ people on Zoom

Who is it for?

Leaders, educators, trainers and event organizers who value virtual group engagement

What happens if I don’t like it?

If you don’t like We! Start Art, we’ll refund you your money right away. (This might be the only time we won’t ask questions.)

  • 20 page PDF with unique “paint by numbers” style graphics and 10 themed pages that inspire conversation/interactivity in Zoom town. They can be screen-shared for virtual groups or printed out for in-person groups. 
  • 2 customizable, blank templates for you to insert your own theme, logo, or tagline into