We! Connect Cards

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Good For:

Meetings, Trainings, Getting out of your seat, Icebreakers, Organizations with hierarchies, Fighting turnover, Conferences and events

What is it?

A deck of 60 cards that spark conversation, and build trust and connection.

  • 20 green cards ask questions that are “fun and light”
  • 20 blue cards ask questions that are “a bit deeper”
  • 20 purple cards ask questions that “encourage self-reflection”

What does it do?

  • Provides a fast-paced, fun way to move beyond “ice breaking” to real connections
  • Offers a suite of activities to cross-pollinate different departments across your company
  • Arms employees and management with a set of questions to break down communication barriers and management hierarchies
  • Gives employees permission to have fun and be excited about work

Who is it for?

Leaders, facilitators, teachers, project directors, program directors, and anyone who wants to increase connections within their community

What happens if I don’t like it?

If you don’t love this resource, send it back and we’ll refund you your money. Period. (This might be the only time we won’t ask questions.)

In stock

  • 1 deck of 60 ultra durable cards
  • 10+ videos of activities anyone can setup and run
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"We! Connect Cards are always on the top of my facilitation toolbox! They help me move past simple ice breakers and towards fostering meaningful connection and conversation between folks."
Spud Marshall
the co.space | CEO
"We! Connect Cards are an excellent resource for connecting groups at the beginning of any program. The questions are fun and thought provoking which leads to high impact conversations to get the group engaged. I carry a set everywhere I go, from London to San Francisco!"
Rod Lee
Owner and "Architect of Learning Through Experience" | APEX Learning Group

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in

30 reviews for We! Connect Cards

  1. Michelle

    and these– hands-down– are the BEST! Sturdy
    As a corporate trainer, I’ve tried lots of conversation cards, and these– hands-down– are the BEST! Sturdy, interesting, easy to use. Check out the TED talk from the maker of these for tips on how to use them. I love We Connect cards and the adults I use them with do too!

  2. April Bond

    Perfect for any group!
    Love these cards! So wish I had them back when I was teaching ESL and leading workshops for new teachers – they are PERFECT for facilitating meaningful conversation with any group in any setting. Happy to be adding them to my bag of tricks 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Versatile, Engaging, and Easy to Use!
    I work in the school setting, but have found so many uses for these cards. The students and staff both engage well with these decks. My staff meeting conversations have been way more interesting since using this deck! Also sturdy and well-designed.

  4. Jonathan Taussig

    Bridge building turbo-tool in a tiny box…
    My wife and I run a non-profit from our home in an underprivileged part of Kansas City, and use this powerful tool on a regular basis to connect with people and build bridges in our diverse community.

    We keep a deck by our dining room table and often play “connect roulette” with dinner guests from our community where we’ll pass the box around and everyone gets to draw and answer a question from the category they feel comfortable with. What follows is a beautiful combination of laughter, tears, greater understanding, deeper relationships, walls crumbling and bridges being built.

    It’s crazy how something as simple as a question can open doors to such powerful human connection. Our hurting world needs more healing tools like these.

  5. Anonymous

    AMAZING. These cards are ESSENTIAL to spark up *quality* conversations for anyone, anywhere! I came across these cards at a networking event where they had been spread all over a large table. We were to have a partner and exchange questions from these cards. THE CONVERSATION?!?! AMAZING. I got to tell her stories that I don’t usually tell someone I had just met. Not only that – she LISTENED with so much empathy and understanding. We ended up exchanging numbers and have been in touch ever since. I got home and purchased my We! Connect Cards right away for the next time I’m hosting guests for a game-night. Seriously, these can be used anywhere!

  6. Meg Bolger

    High quality, easy to use, helpful tool
    These are a great little tool for facilitators or anyone who has to run meetings, do icebreakers, or help people connect. As a facilitator I use these to generate compelling intro questions, to partner people up, to create easy conversations starters and more. They are high quality, beautiful, and easy to use. 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    A simple and intuitive way to spark great conversations!
    This is easily one of my go-to decks when it comes to facilitating. I run a lot of retreats and these cards are so easy to use. They are also great if you are simply trying to liven up your conversations in a group of friends or family. I have a deck always sitting on my living room table and it’s pretty often that someone will walk over, pick out a card, and spontaneously use them to start a conversation up that goes beyond the traditional “how are you?”, “what’s new in life?”, “what are you doing this weekend?”.

  8. Carolyn Korb

    Great Icebreaker.

  9. Sam R.

    Guaranteed Conversation Starter. I would HIGHLY recommend these cards for any event at which you want to get people immediately connected in a fun and thoughtful way. Connected…not just talking. That’s the key with these cards. The cards have a durable texture and have lasted through a lot of events so far. I use to them to start off a lot of our programs and it ALWAYS gets the energy going. Participants get engaged with each other and are more ready for the next activity when I use these cards compared to when I don’t use them. We mostly use the question side because it works well, but I’m hoping to play around with additional options in the coming months.

  10. GW

    Five stars

  11. Melissa

    Good conversation starters. I ordered these for my husband because he kept talking about conversation cards they used at church group in his early twenties (he has since become agnostic), and these did not disappoint.

    These cards aren’t religious and have good topics for taking conversation deeper. We do hour + family walks 2x a day, and we’ve been talking about a card or two halfway through the walk. It’s nice.

    Sometimes it’s helpful to pretend there’s a follow up question of “why?” or “how so?”

  12. peeksf

    Questions were good and easy, reflections / fun and light question / deeper questions were color coded well. I hope the initial new card smell goes away slightly pungent. And there were 4 duplicate questions… which is the reason for the 4 star.

  13. Richard Leon

    Fun Colors, Potent Questions
    My wife and I had a chance to ‘test drive’ these recently at a business conference. They helped break us out of the safe, boring, and predictable “hello / how are you / love your outfit / nice to meet you / bye” routine when meeting so many new people there. Great icebreakers. Fun colors. Potent questions.

  14. Vin Gaeta

    These cards are SUPER beneficial, not just for networking, but for team building. We used them at our Leadership team meeting, and it really helped to bring our team closer together. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone trying to get better at deeper conversations, improving team trust, and ultimately trying to create a team that can be vulnerable together.

  15. Anonymous

    Great cards for sparking deep conversations without being awkwardly or intrusively probing. Had it sitting on my coffee table and one day my parents were visiting and started playing, and I learned some cool things about them that I didn’t know!

  16. Christopher Littlefield

    Perfect tool for Facilitators, Trainers, and Retreat Leaders
    As a facilitator of large and small group retreat programs around the world I always have a set of WE Connect Cards with me. Before each program, I put a few cards on each table. As people arrive I direct them to introduce themselves and answer a question from one of the cards. It is perfect for jump starting the connecting before the program even begins! After I direct the group to order a deck of their own. This way they have a simple resource to use back in the office that they have already experienced and enjoyed!

  17. Anonymous

    So easy and effective. I’ve wanted these cards for a while now and am excited to finally get my own. I’ve been in a variety of setting where they were used and watched the room fill each time with lively conversations. As a participant, I’ve loved the real stores they’ve elicited from strangers and have been sad when we’ve had to stop! They meet my needs for real communication and connection. So easy and a great Icebreaker. I’ll use these at work with groups I facilitate and perhaps with my partner, if he’ll play along.

  18. Crystal

    Highly recommend for high engagement!
    I am a school teacher who recently discovered these secret gems. It was amazing to see adults I’ve interacted with for 8+ hrs willingly come alive in conversation for a 3hr professional development presentation after work hours.. just a testament to your product’s engagement! I will even be using these as writing prompts and morning meeting topics with my fifth graders. Thank you! 🙂

  19. Karan

    Very interesting and thought provoking questions!
    The We Cards are great for engaging in deeper and more meaningful conversations. Ideal for a group activity or retreat or just connecting with new people. 🙂

  20. Brandon M. Early

    A great meeting opening, teamwork tool.
    I lead teams where I work. These cards come in handy in breaking the ice, and diving deeper. Sometimes you need cards like this to create space to be vulnerable.

  21. Mmkelly

    Wonderful! Love the variety of questions. I use them in therapy groups every day!

  22. Lisa Murphy

    Still unsure if valuable.
    The cards are terribly slippery and difficult to hold on to.

    • Chad Littlefield

      Lisa, thanks for sharing! We realized the slipperiness issue in our last batch of cards and took care of it! The cards are still printed on a great, durable and textured material, but they are no longer slippery!

  23. Robin J. Gifford

    Great for dinner parties or team building!
    I used this when coaching interview, but pulled them out for Easter dinner. So much fun!

  24. Linda Rhodes

    fun game

  25. dhsien

    Great ice breaker for meetings. A must buy for any one running a meeting

  26. Neil Preston (verified owner)

    Wish I had some video for you. The connection cards were the best tool I could have pulled today. This was my first chance to work with a group of 200. It could have only gone a little better and I might have been the only one to notice if it did. My group was Information Technology Systems first year students and faculty. They can be a little tight as a group. The cards and question swap activity broke the day open in a powerful way. The dean and faculty could not have been more pleased.

  27. Liz Holtzinger (verified owner)

    Remember your first day of college? I do. In a nutshell, it sucked. I was scared, anxious, and paranoid. And none of my professors seemed to “get” me and none seemed to want to know me. I hated that. I felt alone. Like an outsider. I even felt “dumb.” Turn the clock years ahead, and I’m now standing at the front of the class– I’m the professor now. And I’m the one who does not forget what the first day of college was like. But I DO want to understand my students and I DON’T want them to feel like outsiders or “othered.” So on Day One, I create a community of learners using the WeConnect cards. We get to know one another more deeply than if I just assigned a bunch of random (and oftentimes silly) icebreakers. On Day Two, we use the Engage Cards and take a deeper dive into building our little community. My students are the best critics of the cards, for one student remarked, “Wow– I feel like I know MYSELF more than I did; and I feel like I just made a friend, all in the span of about 20 minutes.”

  28. Joseph Villegas

    I much prefer utilizing these for Connect Before Content Activities in comparison to our traditional “ice breakers.” The option for different levels of questions allow participants to engage on their own terms which makes the activities more inclusive and accessible for people of varying comfort levels. Students have commented they enjoy the We! Connect Cards because it lends more to conversation than to small talk.

  29. Josh “not a robot” Nadzam (verified owner)

    Okay so I’m always skeptical of reviews because I’m like “how do I know this isn’t either a robot or the mom of the owner?” so let me start by saying that first I am neither of those two. I am a human and I am not a mother.

    I think these cards are the greatest things of all time. I literally (Chris Traeger voice) use them everywhere (they are always in my pocket or my backpack). I teach at a University and use them in my classes. I run a nonprofit and use them at board meetings, staff meetings, and any other gathering. I use them with random people on an airplane who who didn’t realize they were about to meet their new best friend. We even use them at the juvenile detention centers and the kids love them. They open up in ways and get listened to in ways that they never have been able to before.

    These cards are so simple yet so profound and wonderful. WOOOOO!!!

  30. Sean Langley

    These cards are a great way to build trust across differences.

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