We! Connect Cards


Good For:

  • Effective icebreaker for various settings
  • “Aha” moments and new insights about colleagues
  • Deeper connections and increased trust among coworkers
  • Improved classroom cohesion and psychological safety
  • Enhanced cross-cultural connections and empathy
  • More thoughtful and meaningful conversations
  • Happier, more comfortable, and connected participants

What is it?

A deck of 60 cards that spark conversation, and build trust and connection.

  • 20 green cards ask questions that are “fun and light”
  • 20 blue cards ask questions that are “a bit deeper”
  • 20 purple cards ask questions that “encourage self-reflection”

What does it do?

  • Provides a fast-paced, fun way to move beyond “ice breaking” to real connections
  • Offers a suite of activities to cross-pollinate different departments across your company
  • Arms employees and management with a set of questions to break down communication barriers and management hierarchies
  • Gives employees permission to have fun and be excited about work

Who is it for?

Leaders, facilitators, teachers, project directors, program directors, and anyone who wants to increase connections within their community

What happens if I don’t like it?

If you don’t love this resource, send it back and we’ll refund you your money. Period. (This might be the only time we won’t ask questions.)

In stock

  • 1 deck of 60 ultra durable cards
  • 10+ videos of activities anyone can setup and run
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"We! Connect Cards are always on the top of my facilitation toolbox! They help me move past simple ice breakers and towards fostering meaningful connection and conversation between folks."
Spud Marshall
the co.space | CEO
"We! Connect Cards are an excellent resource for connecting groups at the beginning of any program. The questions are fun and thought provoking which leads to high impact conversations to get the group engaged. I carry a set everywhere I go, from London to San Francisco!"
Rod Lee
Owner and "Architect of Learning Through Experience" | APEX Learning Group

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