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Did you know Ask Powerful Questions is a #1 Amazon Bestseller? And it is now available on audiobook right here on Audible!

Good For:

Effective communication, Leadership development, Listening skills, Conflict transformation, Trust building, Facilitation training, Fostering empathy

What is it?

A guide to building relationships of trust and fostering meaningful (and sometimes difficult) conversations with co-workers, friends, and family. Each chapter gives you immediately practical tools to use in moments of awkward silence, and leaves you with a framework for developing conversations that matter.

What does it do?

  • Unpacks the complexity of trust and human relationships
  • Provides practical tools to operationalize skills like empathy and deep listening to make conversations more meaningful
  • Improves clear and effective communication
  • Develops “managers” into true leaders

Who is it for?

Every serious leader. Executives, program directors, managers facilitators, team leaders, teachers, instructors, and anyone who wants to increase connections within their community. The majority of the book speaks to those in roles of workplace leadership (e.g., business leaders, team leaders, CEOs, etc.), yet leaders often take many forms (e.g., parents).

What happens if I don’t like it?

If you don’t love this resource, send it back and we’ll refund you your money. Period. (This might be the only time we won’t ask questions.)


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Did you know Ask Powerful Questions is a #1 Amazon Bestseller? And it is now available on audiobook right here on Audible!

What might happen if “small talk” was replaced with conversations that matter?

In their #1 Amazon Bestselling book, Will Wise and Chad Littlefield explain how the questions we traditionally ask are often meaningless when it comes to establishing a connection. Introducing a set of practice tools for understanding others by changing the way we ask questions, Will and Chad show how to transform “How are you?—I’m fine, thanks” into conversations that change not only how you lead, but who you are as a person. Educators, business professionals, personal coaches, and anyone in a position of leadership will relate to the personal successes and failures Will shares. He unpacks the art of asking questions that lay the foundation for trust, psychological safety, productivity, and impact. Chad complements Will’s personal stories and examples with fascinating facts and nuances in neuroscience behind the art of asking. Together, the art of asking and science behind it join to create a simple and powerful framework for leaders to build a culture of connection.

What will I get?

  • 318-page, paperback copy of Ask Powerful Questions
  • Author: Will Wise and Chad Littlefield co-founders of We and Me, Inc.
  • Step-by-step guide to build trust and equip you and your team with the skills required to ask powerfully
  • Personalized video series from the author with behind the scenes, exclusive content

Unboxing Ask Powerful Questions: Create Conversations that Matter

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78 reviews for Ask Powerful Questions

  1. Anonymous

    Saved my thanksgiving. I HIGHLY recommend this book — have bought five more for Christmas presents and to loan to friends !
    Given what’s going on in this country, I have found my heart-mind hardening to people whose beliefs and actions differ from mine. So when I was invited to Thanksgiving with a group of Trump supporters, I accepted as a spiritual growth opportunity. My first Zen teacher said, ‘You can be right, or you can be free.” I’ve been choosing ‘right’ over ‘free’ much of this year. Intolerance of intolerance is still intolerance. And my usual spiritual tools have not always been effective.
    Thankfully, Will Wise led a group I was in the week before Thanksgiving, and I immediately saw a way ‘home’ with his work. He gave me a key tag with “Listen to Win” on one side and “Listen to Understand” on the other, and I resolved to Listen to Understand in this situation.
    I bought this book and ‘crammed’ for Thanksgiving. I love that Will practices what he preaches and shares stories from his own life, and includes Traps and Tools for each section. Although we never got into ‘politics,’ if they had come up, rather remain silent, I was prepared to say, “We definitely have different beliefs in this situation” — without judgment.
    Will’s process for asking powerful questions include Intention, Rapport, Openness, Listening and Empathy. I used them all, and the boundaries around my heart dissolved to reveal the Love within.

  2. loveyagirl

    let alone one with the potential to so beautifully and positively impact every interaction and every relationship between …
    It is no small thing to set out to write a book, let alone one with the potential to so beautifully and positively impact every interaction and every relationship between every human being. Mr. Wise shares insight and practical application ideas for developing more than rapport only: he introduces methodology for the reader to consider so she can choose to be present and intentional with her neighbors – whoever they may be and wherever they show up. This book’s scope goes beyond addressing how to simply be cordial or polished or well-spoken in social situations, and gets very much to the heart of the poignant and powerful art of sincere human connection. It was clear to this reader that Mr. Wise hopes each of us will begin to ask powerful questions in order to more fully see one another, so that we can work, play, and live in THAT sacred and fruitful space.

  3. Richard Leon

    A Foundational Skill for Conscious Leadership and Creative Collaboration. Ask Powerful Questions is a thoughtful, insightful, and very personal account from the author of his diverse experiences and lessons learned on his many (mis?)adventures climbing up the ‘powerful questions pyramid.’ He shares his hard-won wisdom through revealing personal stories of numerous attempts to establish genuine connections with others by mindfully practicing intention, rapport, openness, listening, and empathy. Along the way, he presents some familiar concepts in novel, imaginative ways to highlight useful distinctions. For example: How would you react if you witnessed a friend suddenly fall through the thin ice on a frozen lake in winter? This not-so-implausible scenario is used to discuss apathy, sympathy, and empathy; how they differ; and how they affect the dynamics and character of connecting with others.

    With earned humility and uncommon generosity, the author is quick to share his own plentiful failures. I’m sure they are there to remind readers of the importance of struggling well when dealing with their own beautiful mistakes. (Beautiful in their teaching value, that is.) Mistakes and missteps are inevitable, after all, when pursuing mastery.

    And let’s be clear, MASTERY is certainly what is being described here–as a journey, not a destination. But importantly, this is not mastery OVER others, but rather mastery WITH them (this is an evolved form of power that ‘servant leaders’ understand well and use to great effect), where EVERYONE is enriched and supported by deeper personal connections that can only be built on a foundation of genuine curiosity, meaningful conversations, and well-crafted questions.

    As a researcher, writer, and speaker on ‘conscious’ leadership and creative collaboration; I recognize the profound value of crafting conversations that matter. The deep and durable interpersonal connections that are formed from asking powerful questions are the necessary psychological/emotional scaffolding required by high-performing teams. Whether in ‘industrial making’ (e.g., agile software development teams) or ‘artful making’ (e.g., ensembles of performing artists), effective leadership/collaboration requires curiosity, connection, co-creation, character, culture, and community. ALL six of these essential pillars are built, bolstered, and expanded through the art (and many soulful rewards) of asking powerful (a.k.a., beautiful) questions.

  4. Alisha Welch

    Must Have! This book is an absolute must have! Going in, I think we all believe that we know how to ask questions to build connections, but after reading this book it became very clear that I did not. This book has completely changed my outlook on conversations, people, and overall, how I speak to others. I feel like my conversations go much further now, and it has been easier to create common ground with other individuals, regardless of differences in points of view. Again, I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Whether you use it to connect better with coworkers, family, or even strangers, it helps you gain insight into the powerful world of communication.

  5. Dennis Moore

    A Must-Read for anyone who wants to truly “connect” with others
    By profession, I’m a leadership coach and facilitator. I enjoy asking powerful questions. Will’s practical insights have greatly benefited me in countless ways. I appreciate his candidness about his own journey of creating conversations that matter and helping others to do so. Maybe some day, I can be a Weologist, too!

  6. Sean Glaze

    Learn the skills that will skyrocket your influence as a leader!
    Chad Littlefield and Will Wise do terrific work as facilitators – and this book provides both an explanation of why they have a positive impact on their client as well as how YOU can do the same! The quality of your leadership (and the quality of your life) and based upon the quality of the questions you ask yourself and those around you. Grab a copy of this book and learn the importance of intention, rapport, and other skills that will skyrocket your influence as a leader.

  7. Chad Bumgarner

    Learn how to genuinely connect with others!
    This book is truly a breath of fresh air! This book is a great read and a wonderful reference if you want to really learn how to engage others in meaning conversation that will eventually create powerful connections. The book is a real “page turner” as it lays out interesting stories of the author’s personal that tie in perfectly to the lessons that are being taught. Regardless if it is personal or professional, this book can definitely help you renew your thought process on HOW you ask questions and speak to others. Humans are meant to “connect” with one another and this book guides you on the best way to do so!

  8. Anonymous

    Couldn’t put it down
    If you like theory but NEED examples, this is perfect for you. This well written book is packed full of examples. Buy one for yourself and one for every supervisor in your organization. Use it as a textbook for supervisory training! Following the guidance in this book will dramatically change how you communicate; in a positive way.

  9. D. Ray

    I Needed This at 18
    This is a book I wish I had when I was eighteen. Now, my twenties are over and there was more muddle connection than I wanted. This is content I NEEDED and could never have articulated on my own. Get this book. Read it. Process it. We’ll all be better off in our relationships with this framework for what we’re trying to do when we say “communicate” or “show up” or “listen” or “be together” and the tools to get us there.

  10. Shawn

    I have found many of the questions to guide me into wonderfully rewarding personal reflection
    This book should be in the hands of anyone who facilitates groups, manages people, or wants to have deep, meaningful conversations. Will shares a depth of knowledge and experience that provides the reader with a simple yet powerful set of tools to guide conversations to go deeper and build greater connections. I have been facilitating groups from summer camp staff, to community leaders to fortune 500 companies for over 25 years and this book has given me new paths to follow to reshape many of my processing tools. In addition, I have found many of the questions to guide me into wonderfully rewarding personal reflection.

  11. Clint

    What can each moment teach you?
    This book is a phenomenal tool to make one think about how he/she interacts with others, particularly when having difficult conversations. Will’s authentic, honest voice presents a powerful approach to opening communication and owning powerful conversations. Truly a must read!

  12. Anonymous

    Awesome book!
    I enjoyed reading this great book about how to connect with others authentically. I learned so much about myself in an effort to learn more about others. I am looking forward to experimenting with the techniques and ideas presented in the book. The author is spreading a message of love, connection, and healing at a time when it appears that the world needs it most! Update one week later: I made a woman cry today using the techniques I learned in this book. Reflective listening did it! Instead of trying to “fix” her problem, I just listened and reflected back to her, and that made all the difference. When we parted ways, she said, “Thank you for listening,” as she touched her ear at the same time. How’s that for a testimonial! Yeah!

  13. OnePoint Press (Consignment)

    The Power of Inquiry
    Will Wise’s understanding of the power of useful inquiry comes from a long history of personal and professional experience, and enriches our knowledge and practice of human interaction. I see things I’ve been teaching for decades in a new light, and am grateful for his wisdom.

  14. David Archibald

    Tools for great conversations!
    While most of my interactions still begin with something bland like, “how’s it going?”, Will and Chad and this book have helped me move toward real, meaningful, amazing conversations. Some have been with those I already loved dearly, and some have been with people I just met; professionally, socially, all of it. Full of real examples and tools, I’m just scratching the surface of the power of this book.

  15. Regina Curran

    Helpful to even seasoned facilitators
    I bought this book when it came out last year right before I facilitated a workshop with mid-career scientists. It provided so much food for thought in how I interacted and facilitated – everything from how I greeted each participant to the types of questions I asked during sessions. As I head into the annual workshop again this year, I’ve revisited the book (and the We and Me! posts) to remind myself how to ask questions of both new and old friends and colleagues. A must have book for even seasoned facilitators to add just a little more detail to your approach.

  16. E. W. Vincent-Killian

    Building Relationships with Meaningful Conversations
    A great book that teaches all aspects of having meaningful conversations and building relationships. This would be a good read before a business conference or professional networking event.

  17. Mo

    This is one of the best books I’ve read on communication and leadership
    From the introduction onward Will had my attention. This is one of the best books I’ve read on communication and leadership. Not only because of the great practical tips and strategies but because Will infuses his own experience and shares impactful stories that reveal how powerful these questions are in real life situations. This book has a lot of heart and I quickly saw how I could apply these principles to not just my professional life but my personal life as well. It was an easy and entertaining read.

  18. Jessica M.

    A great book about interacting with others to better your day
    This book is not just about business conversations, but conversations in general. It hones the importance about looking up from your phone and really interacting with others. You never know what you will find or what network you will introduce yourself in. A great book about interacting with others to better your day, their day, and your personal being.

  19. Ali Julia

    The base for good conversation is to understand the intention
    The goal of this book is to teach readers to ask questions that will require the listener to think and respond with fresh and new answers. The book is organized to discuss intention, rapport, openness, listening and empathy. The base for good conversation is to understand the intention. The author uses excellent examples through out the book, including why intention is the base of all good communication, understanding intention allows one to solve and address the key issues not necessarily what the people will find easy to address with a simple or evasive answer. Overall, I enjoyed the book and found it helpful. The introduction was a big long and wordy, but once the author got the meat of the matter it was well paced.

  20. R. M. Corson

    Definitely worth a read if you are interested in exploring the way you communicate and listening, and how to work on those areas in your life to make you more effective. Highly recommended.

  21. Polly L. Beebe

    Amazing book for Educators!
    I am an educator and Ask Powerful Questions taught me the importance of asking questions that will help elicit trust and understanding, which then leads to collaboration and cooperation. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to transform simple “yes and no” exchanges into meaningful conversations.

  22. Casey

    Incredibly Powerful Resource!
    Building a strong PLN is so very important and a huge part of that is asking powerful questions. This book nails it on the head. It’s a wonderful read with a lot to learn for teachers like me. Thank you for such an amazing book!

  23. DonaldCrane

    A good tool for the communication tool box
    Humility and success join together when you ask good questions. Will Wise is smart, funny, and great at challenging the reader to find the right dialogue for any situation…thus, the reader is equipped to asked the powerful questions.

  24. EmilyB.

    This book should be required reading for humanity. 🙂 Will presents very powerful and practical tools that can be applied in so many settings. This book has had profound effects on how I approach my interactions with others. I highly recommend it!

  25. Amazon Customer

    I was look for a book to help with group discussion
    I have not used it very much

  26. Derrick L. Jones

    Knowledge is Power
    Will Wise provides you with the knowledge needed to ask meaningful and powerful questions that provide you with the ability to create strong relationship bonds.

  27. E. Elwell

    Excellent practical guide to build more meaningful relationships
    Really helpful book! I thought it would be very business focused but it was much more applicable to relationships across all of life. Also really liked the practical application focus. Great resource to help build real empathetic relationships through conversation!

  28. Cliente de Kindle

    Loved the organization of the book
    This book will give you all the tools you need to ask better questions! I loved the fact that it is so well organized and full of examples. It is interesting to realize how important that is for our everyday lives so I highly recommend this book.

  29. Amazon Customer

    A Must Read!
    Loved this book! I’ve dramatically changed how I’ve approached conversations and relationships both personally and professionally day to day. Highly recommend!

  30. Meg Bolger

    Useful tool for facilitators
    As a facilitator I found some incredibly useful, tactical nuggets in this book. Worth while read.

  31. Randall Thompson

    The author gives you more tools to use in all areas of your life.

  32. Roy, Zhang

    Book too thin and small for the price. Way over priced

  33. Conor Mc Carthy

    Some interesting material in the book
    Everyone could learn something

    In my opinion the book is too long and a bit boring

  34. Kathryn

    Powerful Read
    I read “APQ” and realized how much self work I have cut out for myself in 2018! While some of the information regarding asking open ended questions and reflective listening was familiar to me, most of the tools were new or an advanced level of my knowledge base so I definitely haven’t figured this work all out. Although, I don’t take this as a “read once and shelf it” kind of book. It has more of a reference guide feel that I’ll need to keep rereading sections as I climb to the top of the pyramind.
    I find the pyramid visual throughout the text to be really helpful in knowing where to start APQ and then where to go and how to check if a level was really worked. I’m a visual learner so that graphic works well for me as well as the purple We! question cards. I like the size, color and texture of the cards. Perfect for putting a favorite in a wallet or up on the fridge and they resemble playing cards or board game cards which gives them an extra element of fun. Plus, the card questions are packed with power.
    As I said, this isn’t a one and done read. This is a coffee table book for easy access and reaccess but my first read through has me thinking about the kinds of questions I ask.

  35. Natalie d’Aubermont

    I hadn’t realized how much I could be fine tuning or tweaking in order to truly connect with …
    As a consultant and cross-cultural facilitator, so much of my job revolves around asking powerful questions, but until I read Will Wise’s book, I hadn’t realized how much I could be fine tuning or tweaking in order to truly connect with the other person. This book is not didactic in any way shape or form; instead a helpful Ask Powerful Question Pyramid is outlined (Intention, Rapport, Openness, Listening and Empathy) and Wise uses many personal anecdotes and examples to illustrate his points. I loved the Trap and Tool sections in each chapter as they helped with practical takeaways to use in the future. Whether you are using this for professional or personal use, you will indeed benefit from Wise’s teaching on perspective and meaning. Highly recommend!

  36. Shari Bennett Speer

    Good, practical stuff!
    I’ve really appreciated Will’s candor and deeply honest look at both himself as he’s developed these skills as well as at the challenging, intentional work of making real and authentic connections. It’s helpful to see the missteps that Will has had and to read all the examples of what this looks like in various situations to help flush out the concepts, see where we could/will likely stumble, and imagine the various options open to us in these situations.

    When first reading the titles of the sections it’s easy to think “oh, I know how to do that already,” but once I dove into the chapters I learned a lot! I’ve been trying to start my questions in daily conversation with “What” and “How” as the book recommends, and it’s harder than it first seems! As a learning and development professional, I look forward to my next coaching meeting and discussion group facilitation so I can stretch out into these skills and get myself out of the way more easily – and hopefully have a deeper impact in that role.

    My plan is to go back through all my highlights and take notes because there’s so much practical information for learning professionals that I don’t want to forget the concepts. As a trainer, facilitator, and coach, I know these skills will be invaluable to me. As a friend and coworker, I could probably use the help as well! I’ve shared the book with a colleague and she’s really finding the book to be profound in her role as well.

  37. Bob Tiede – Author & Blogger

    How you ask is even more important than what you ask!
    Recently I came across “Powerful Questions: Create Conversations that Matter” by Will Wise. There are over 80 “Leading With Questions” type books on my shelf, yet none of them are like this book. Will’s book focuses not just on what to ask, but much more importantly on how to ask – How to build genuine relationships of trust by asking powerful questions. Purchase your book today! Bob Tiede, CEO –

  38. Robert Freese

    This is not a book. Its a journey to what is bigger for yourself and those in your life.
    The magic in this book is the structure of the pyramid introduced early. The base of the pyramid aligns with the thinking and research of Victor Frankel, Jerry Harvey, Maslow, Sparks and the underlying message from the whole Emotional Intelligence movement started by Goleman. I found myself stopped cold in my tracks as I explored the base of the pyramid for myself. And authentically connecting to the answer has been wonderful. This is not a book, this is a journey that when taken with care caused me to see a lot of things in life differently

  39. Ryan Hodge

    This book is a joke
    So the authors Christian view point comes thru too
    Strong. He calls the real science of rapport building fake because, like all people with an agenda, he has to generalize, delete or distort anything that doesn’t match up with his value system. Bad science bad advice. Communication is not about love it’s about those things which the mind is wired to accept. News flash that ain’t love or god.

  40. Fisher

    A practical handbook for crafting authentic relationships
    In a society fighting pervasive loneliness and disconnection, this book is a timely arrival. It provides tactile, useful tools for building authentic connections with others – if the reader is brave enough to do the homework. Wise carefully and systematically introduces each skill with real-world application, moving in a chronological way through creating a relationship with another person: first, intention must be communicated; then rapport crafted, standpoint opened, listening practiced, and, finally, empathy founded. Each skill amplifies the previous one for a complete set of working principles. Wise shows that establishing a worthwhile connection with another person is truly possible.

    Wise’s audience is everyone, so the book is not written from a particular discipline. His simple language makes the tools accessible, although if you’re looking for a more theoretical or literary perspective, this book may not fulfill. Wise’s tone is conversational and down-to-earth. The book may be best used as a handy guide, rather than a cozy read by the fireplace, because Wise’s challenge is to get out and practice these hands-on skills with others to mold a better, more empathetic and connected world.

  41. Chris Hegg

    A powerful week at work
    Two thumbs up! This book is jam-packed with powerful, practical, actionable advise. I keep a reading journal to capture important/relevant notes while I read. After chapter 4 of this book, I already had already gathered 5 pages of notes. So I pressed pause on my reading to activate some of the book’s lessons. I immediately changed the way I communicated with clients in my initial consultations. Then I re-wrote an entire lesson plan I had written for a workshop I was leading the following week. Finally, I successfully influenced my supervisor to start asking one “connection before content” question to lead our weekly staff meetings. It was a powerful week at work.
    Although much of effective communication is common sense, this book provides easy, actionable ways to infuse more common sense (plus love, thoughtfulness and curiosity) into our daily communications. If you care about your family, your friends or your work, I suspect you will find this book to be a valuable resource.

  42. Michael L. Stallard

    This book provided practical advice that is helping me become a better connector and I’m implementing some of Will’s recommendation in …
    I appreciate the intention of author Will Wise to connect with people, his powers of observation about what attitudes, language and behavior connects with people (and what disconnects), and his thoughtfulness in carefully describing what he has learned over the years. This book provided practical advice that is helping me become a better connector and I’m implementing some of Will’s recommendation in the seminars and workshops I teach. If you want to become better at connecting with others, I highly recommend this book.

  43. Maj. Paiger

    Build Connection, Improve Relationships and Communication
    As a trainer in social and emotional learning, team-building, diversity and inclusion, Wise’s Ask Powerful Questions is a must have for anyone seeking to enhance connection, improve relationships and communication. I frequently utilize professional development and self-awareness concepts from Powerful Questions to stimulate meaningful engagement among adult and child learners and within my own relationships. -Stephanie Colvin-Roy, Training and Organizational Development Associate (Center for Schools and Communities)

  44. SHayat

    Extend yourselves!
    This book invites us to use questions as connectors in a world where ignorance and indifference have become a safer choice. There are many books on the topic of making connections but what makes Will’s approach different is his use of powerful introspective lenses. Of these, I particularly liked ‘intent’. The way he foregrounds ‘intent’ makes me realize how the experience and outcome of every decision centers on intent. Through personal anecdotes and lived-experiences, he shows how connecting with others can be made more gratifying if it is based on the intent to be actively curious. Interestingly, the backbone of ‘ask questions framework’ is curiosity- an antithesis of indifference/ignorance. Practised with a good intent, active curiosity could help people reveal the empath in each one of us. Highly recommended for all those who wish to extend themselves, their lives, and their work!

  45. Brandon

    Building connections from the ground up
    An eye-opening, useful book that changed the way I think about dialogue in my professional and personal lives. Scratch that–more than just dialogue, it reframed the way I approach and consider others who have entered (or that I’d like to have enter) my life.

    Both easy to wrap your head around and deeply insightful, the steps Wise provides in this book are actionable, not just airy thoughts that you can’t apply to your life. They are bolstered with examples, anecdotes, and clear hypotheticals that let readers fully understand the thrust of each chapter and idea. It’s hard to think of a person you COULDN’T recommend this book to.

  46. Amazon Customer

    A great book to build coaching, facilitation and life skills!
    As an Executive/Leadership Coach, I found this book to be incredibly insightful and thought provoking. Will has a way of blending his life experiences, experiments, successes and failures in such a manner that it encourages the reader to acquire the skills associated with “strategic question asking.” I have used many of these concepts throughout my career, but Will’s thoughtful presentation provided me with new ideas as to how I can integrate them more strategically into my work with others. I will begin using many of these techniques in both my professional coaching and facilitation work. However, this is a book for anyone that seeks to better understand the concept of relationship building and the mindset of “connecting first, communicate second!”
    John Locke
    Business Performance Coach, Dixon Hughes Goodman

  47. Dr. Amy Climer

    Brilliant content, well-written, highly recommended!
    I have been facilitating for 20 years and I thought I knew how to ask questions. This book is helping me take question asking to a new level. I can be pretty critical of books, but I got hooked into this one quickly. It is well written, well organized, and easy to read. Will Wise shares a simple, brilliant model for designing questions to deepen connections and have conversations that matter. His approach is changing my work and I’m so thankful!

  48. Jason King

    Simple, yet genius
    Listening is an art form that is lost to many people. This book gives techniques and guidance to help the reader become a better listener by asking the right questions. It does come with a cost, you have to practice the content and actually use the material, but the reward is great if you do!

  49. D. Carr

    Asking good, thoughtful questions is more important than the answers
    Are you interested or interesting? Are you known for “telling” or for “asking” when people connect with you? Asking good, thoughtful questions is more important than the answers. The people I enjoy being around the most are great listeners because they ask great, thought provoking questions. They follow up with another great, thoughtful question. Depending on your ability to ask powerful questions, Will Wise’s “Ask Powerful Questions” is a great primer or reminder of how and why we need to ask good thoughtful questions! Carrpe Diem! Dave Carr

  50. Randy

    Asking questions – so many reasons to get better at the process!
    Thought-provoking book. Really challenged me to rethink my approach with the students I work with – how can I improve/refine my practices? Using questions builds connection, stimulates growth, demonstrates value. Not the easiest read, but engaging and encouraging nonetheless. Anybody who works with people should read this one – and of course implement what is learned.

  51. Michael Diettrich

    Great tool for leaders and teams!
    As an organizational consultant and professional coach, Ask Powerful Questions has given me even greater insight into the importance of how conversations and connection truly impact effectiveness. This is a great tool for any leader of a business/organization that wants to increase team functionality and engagement. I’d highly recommend picking up a copy!

  52. Mark Collard

    This book shifted me professionally…
    I’ve worked as an experiential trainer and facilitator for close to 30 years. I understand the power and value of asking great questions, and happily I know a LOT more now that I have read Will’s new book. Like all good facilitation, there is a process that works. There’s some heavy-lifting to do in the read, and thankfully the many dozens of great, often personal stories Will shares made all the difference to help me connect his wisdom to my work. Totally worth breaking the spine, and turning every page.

  53. Stephanie

    Powerful Question is an extraordinary exploration of interpersonal skills–the greatest one of all being building connections with others
    Ask Powerful Question is an extraordinary exploration of interpersonal skills–the greatest one of all being building connections with others. Will Wise does a fantastic job outlining the very tangible steps to build connections with other humans and reigniting my natural curiosities that can’t be satisfied by a Google search. This book was life changing for me because it allowed me to see the world with a whole new perspective and I want to make this mandatory reading for all. I believe that could make the world a stronger and more respectful and connected place.

  54. Daniel P.

    Invest in your future by enhancing your conversations
    This book will teach you as much about yourself as it will how to connect with others. In an age where social media moves us from one hype to the next, Will helps you explore how to have deeper, more meaningful conversations that create lasting and memorable connections with long time friends and new acquaintances alike. Regardless of the season of life you’re in, this book is one you’ll want to have and re-read often.

  55. Amazon Customer

    This book is a great guide to creating meaningful and engaging conversations with individuals and groups. I have used the ideas in this book implicitly and explicitly with groups in formal contexts and also informally in building professional relationships and found the concepts to be sound. This is no surprise given that Will has developed these ideas based on years of experience and then presented them in this book in a very open and helpful style.
    Thoroughly recommended for anyone interested in developing meaningful and engaging dialogue.

  56. Jen Kelchner

    Must have for your bookshelf
    This book will change how you think about building human connection and meaningful conversation. With my own work in culture change, we are able to use the tools to teach people how to connect and build a trusted space for open discourse. I highly recommend it for anyone – especially for this day and age we live in and we often don’t know how to start having hard conversations in an honest, respectful way.

  57. wsws1

    A Must-Have Resource for Conflict Facilitators
    Very clear language, structure and message. Very helpful to anyone seeking a deeper connection to others. As a lawyer, business consultant and teacher, this resource is invaluable to understanding how questions can unlock insight, perspective and healing. Whether for your personal use or as a resource for clients, these tools are accessible and usable every day.

  58. Amazon Customer

    I like those tools a lot! This book introduces a lot of effective, useful and straightforward tools to ask questions and start a conversation. Those are powerful tools that can be used to understand and know other people, meanwhile practice and improve communication skills. I also like the stories in the book very much, they are very inspiring! Worth reading!!!

  59. Amazon Customer

    Very refreshing read.
    What a great and refreshing read. The ideas tackled were presented in simple and very digestible way. Raising awareness to how we present information or how we ask questions can project or infer certain intentions amongst many other nuggets. I’d highly recommend this book for anyone looking to understand their own curiosity a bit better and learn how move from small talk to actual meaningful and rapport building conversations.

  60. Bill Zimmerman

    A guide for building bridges
    An excellent guide for managers, educators and anyone who finds themselves frequently working in teams. A recurring theme is the importance of empathy in communications, and Will maintains empathy for the reader throughout, offering examples, anecdotes and clearly marked “tools” and “traps” to enhance understanding.

  61. D Williams

    A valuable tool for educators and group facilitators.
    This book has been personally valuable in challenging some patterns of stale behavior in how I engage with the people around me. It has also been a great tool for leadership and group facilitation training of student leaders.

  62. Jen Grabo

    Must read!!
    Such a refreshing and simple approach to the every day meet and greet questions. I enjoyed the challenge of reprogramming myself to be a better connection while giving some depth to a conversation. Must read!! And great for so many different industries and fields at all levels !

  63. jstub

    Written with honesty, humor and authenticity.
    Will Wise writes with honesty, humor and authenticity. I love his voice and I appreciate his perspective. This is a great read that I enthusiastically support. I’m buying a few copies for my colleagues.

  64. Spencer

    I’ve been to a few events put on by Will and his partner Chad, and have always been impressed by how comfortable they made me with everyone in the room. It felt like real magic.

    This book has allowed me to see behind the scenes and become privy to the forethought and intention that is necessary to make these connections happen.


    Great Resource
    This is a valuable book with fantastic resources that will help the reader understand the power of questions and curiosity. I would highly recommend this book.

  66. Amazon Customer

    This book is so powerful. It’s something that you can read over and over and learn something new each time. If you can apply the ideas of this book you can really pull out fulfillment in your life. Communication is so important, and if you can learn to better communicate you can greatly impact your life. This book will help you do that.

  67. Amazon Customer

    It is an easy read with valuable information
    As an instructor, it provided me with insight into students (and why they may or may not ask questions) thinking. It is an easy read with valuable information. The pyramid structure guides the reader through the information effortlessly.

  68. Elisa

    Absolute gold here! A must read!

  69. Gabriela

    A tool for life.
    Powerful, practical and easy to read. Feels like the author himself is talking to you as you read. The kind of book that turns into a piece of information you can easily add to your life toolbox from Day 1.
    Loved it!

  70. Amazon Customer

    Will is an amazing teacher and writer and I’m glad he’s decided to share his wisdom in a book. From the UK, I’m still learning from Will Wise and that’s an amazing gift!

  71. Jared Yarnall-Schane

    Powerful resource for bringing groups together
    As someone that routinely facilitates group interactions among a globally diverse set of youth, I have been looking for resources to help guide meaningful conversations. This book has sparked exactly that, and has helped to create a culture of listening and openness. Thank you!

  72. Terry vf

    Very good
    Interesting, nice way to ask question

  73. Amazon Customer

    This book shaped my wedding ceremony
    I recently got married and as my wife and I were designing our wedding, we kept asking ourselves what was important to us. While spending time thinking to myself what was important – I kept glancing over at this book on my bookshelf – and it struck me. Asking powerful questions has always been an important building block to any meaningful relationship in my life. And so naturally, that should be at the heart of our journey into marriage. This book – the authors – and the thoughts captured on the pages helped us design a wedding ceremony that was incredibly meaningful and built upon the art of asking really great questions. In journals we got for one another – we passed them around to our close friends to each add a powerful question for the two of us to answer and help shape the start of our marriage. Now that the ceremony is over, we have this amazing journal full of powerful questions – and our reflections on them – to guide us forward. Who would have thought a book would have such a large impact on our first steps as a married couple together 🙂

  74. Bridget Cease

    Do you want to have deeper connections with others? This book is a must read!!!
    As someone who routinely helps people when they are having issues communicating ideas, building connections or getting positive results with others, I found this book a must in building my skills. If you are looking to learn more about yourself, as well as how to have deeper, more meaningful connections with others, this book is for you!!! You can feel the genuine passion Will has for helping others connect. It’s a book I will read again and again, and it’s full of information I will use both in my personal and professional life!!!

  75. Nate Folan

    Great resource!
    Many group leaders I have worked with – business leaders, teachers, counselors, and camp counselors – in a variety of settings – businesses, schools, therapeutic agencies, camps and more – have asked, “how do I ask meaningful and relevant questions with the groups I lead or work with?” Whether the intent is to connect a group of people, reflect on an experience, or practice the skill of communication/listening, Ask Powerful Questions by Will Wise is your guide. Great format and flow. Check it out!

  76. Rahul Gurnani

    let’s get to know each other better, let’s communicate more efficiently
    What a book! At the end of reading this book all I can say is, let’s get to know each other better, let’s communicate more efficiently, let’s reach a deeper understanding. Let’s start to ASK POWERFUL QUESTIONS and let’s ‘Create Conversations That Matter’! This book is bringing so much change, be a part of the movement, #AskPowerfully! Thank you for penning your truths down Will Wise, they are making this world a better place. A must must read for anyone interested in developing their leadership styles and/or simply having more meaningful conversations.

  77. Delfino Corti

    This is a very clear and useful manual on one of the most important aspect of …
    This is a very clear and useful manual on one of the most important aspect of facilitation, leadership and …LIFE: i.e. Asking powerful questions. Direct, straightforward, friendly language, practical examples and tools. I already let myself be inspired for a workshop on facilitatrice leadership, where questions were a core module. Generative book. Reccomended for anyone looking below the surface of what we see.

  78. Harshil Patel

    Super grateful for this
    Honestly, this book has helped me BIG TIME. I’m currently traveling the world and I’m constantly meeting new people. Using the tactics in this book has helped me connect with people faster and at a whole different level. Super grateful for this.

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