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Good For:

Workshops, Training, Psychology of Connections, DIYers, Team Building, Facilitating, Experiential learning

What is it?

30 years of training and experience packed into a 140-page, pocket-sized handbook including 20+ group activities

What does it do?

  • Unpacks the psychology of communication, collaboration, and trust
  • Provides real-world applications that you can use to create workshops, trainings, team-building exercises, or any event that relies on audience engagement
  • Breaks down complex experiential learning concepts in a way that’s understandable and practical to anyone who works with people for a living

Who is it for?

Group leaders, managers, facilitators, project directors, teachers, instructors, DIY trainers

What happens if I don’t like it?

If you don’t love this resource, send it back and we’ll refund you your money. Period. (This might be the only time we won’t ask questions.)

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  • The 140-page, Pocket Guide to Facilitating Human Connections Book
  • 10+ We! Connect Card Activities
  • 20+ powerful activities and exercise descriptions you can do with few or no props

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12 reviews for Facilitating Human Connections Book

  1. Chris Danilo

    You will get so much out of this tiny little book!!
    This is the densest, most useful little book I’ve ever bought–and I’ve read a lot of books. Something it does incredibly well: it takes big, hairy, complicated concepts and makes them small, clean-shaven, and totally digestible.

    Something you’ll get after holding this book for 2 minutes: Tactical, everyday activities that you can immediately apply to your work and life. This little lifesaver is easily the most valuable tool for any facilitator.

    Something you’ll get after holding this book for 2 years: The valuable (and hard to compile) “science of connection” that will shape your strategy as people, technology, and context changes. Trust me, I’ve been using this book for 2 years now!

    Possibly the most impressive thing about this book? It’s tremendously underpriced. I don’t know how they did all of this work for this price tag. Thank you, guys!

  2. Anonymous

    Fantastic resource for educators, trainers and leaders to build better teams and meetings!!!
    This book is packed with more useful, practical ideas to connect and build your teams during retreats, meetings, events, or workshops than any other full size book on the market! The activity using the photo/quote cards titled “Ingredients of Trust” is really powerful! Those cards are here
    We! Engage Cards – Icebreaker and Trust Builder for Teambuilding and Meetings

  3. Kaaaaaaate

    Bridges the gap for teens!
    I have utilized it for different activities to bridge the gap and create connections within the therapeutic groups I run for individuals with disabilities. My programs bring together folks with different disabilities as well as from different locations from all across the state (i.e. urban, suburban, rural). I have found that this book has been a nice tool to utilize when attempting to facilitate trust and rapport building across group members.

  4. Carlos Chacon

    It is like my years of summer camps and group management experience …
    I have been traveling practically non stop since March over the US East Coast and South America and it has helped me a lot in the conferences and programs I have facilitated. It’s pedagogic, friendly and concrete. It is like my years of summer camps and group management experience summarized in few but powerful pages. I highly recommend it.

  5. Daniel P.

    An arrow in your quiver that you’ll use over and over again!
    The Pocket Guide to Facilitating Human Connections has become an invaluable resource for me, an arrow in my quiver I frequently launch at the beginning of programs and meetings. Specifically, I’ve used it twice for group programs over the summer in a meaningful way.

    I was asked to lead a discussion with a nonprofit’s board of directors around the topic of fundraising. The organization is small with a very small governing board. They’ve done well for a long time and are at a point where they’re looking at scaling up their operations. They wanted an outside perspective on the nonprofit landscape and fundraising in our community. I opened the session with the Ingredients of Trust exercise. It allowed the group to connect with one another in a way that got them thinking creatively and critically before diving into the material. That kept a heightened level of engagement throughout the discussion. It also afforded me the opportunity to underscore the role of trust in fundraising – a key element to success.

    I also used the Question Swap exercise to begin a fundraising program I was leading for a volunteer group. These volunteers are part of a large corps that doesn’t always get the opportunity to mingle with each other, especially between different departments. Forcing them to get up and move around the room to talk with different people in this exercise helped them make new connections. It also allowed me to illustrate the important role that asking questions plays in fundraising. Volunteers are often underutilized as fundraisers, and many of them are not confident in their fundraising ability, so equipping them with a few deeper questions to ask the next time they meet someone new who may be interested in contributing to this organization’s work gave them increased confidence in their own abilities. It also kept them engaged at a deeper level during my presentation than I’ve seen with other programs.

    These are just the two most recent examples of this book’s success in my use. It has become a frequently used resource. I know I will use this over and over again for years to come!

  6. Anonymous

    A Tiny Book Packed with Big Insight. This book is really great if you are diving in to the world experiential facilitation and want a few go-to tips and tricks to keep in mind as you begin your work. It has a mix of activities, as well as useful theory/framing to keep in mind when facilitating. But it’s all super quick to read. This is definitely a key part of my go-to facilitator grab bag 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    Leadership Gamechanger. A small but mighty book that helped me and my leadership team establish a stronger connection. I used for Leadership Centre County here in Pennsylvania, and the program is now adopting several of these activities as core to their program days / icebreakers. Highly recommend!

  8. E Tyler

    Potential for Unlimited Connections. Clear. Practical.
    Let me start this review with a helpful analogy.

    You can get two sloppy fast-food hamburgers, a syrup-based soft drink and a carton of fries that’s been sitting under a heat lamp for under ten bucks.

    Now, let’s image that you are dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris. It’s guaranteed that your portion size will be a third of the fast-food option and that you’ll pay 8 or 10 times the price. My guess is that you won’t be complaining. You’ll be savoring each bite, the experience itself. You’ll remember it in ten years.

    Here you are, considering buying this “Pocket Guide.” You may think, “Gee, it’s so small. For that price, I could get a full-sized book.”

    This book isn’t just “a read.” It’s a tool, and a powerful one. It’s a perspective shifter with the potential to help you create endless connections that you and others will remember in ten years.

    I can only say, if you value true quality over quantity, ignore that parsimonious voice. Skip the junk and go for the good stuff.

  9. Casey

    Chad and Rod are amazing!
    Thank you for this pocket guide to help better the human connections in my classroom. Wonderful resource!

  10. mommyof3

    great little book packed with info.

  11. G Bass

    Big things DO come in small packages!
    A lot of information in a tiny package. I keep it in my work bag to cover as I need it.

  12. Stella O.

    Fantastic Ideas – A must for anyone wanting to warm up a group.
    Any organization, workshop or meet-up where groups of people gather to work, create, mingle, collaborate, learn or share… This little gem of a book would make a world of difference in raising the level of work and/or play. There is nothing worse than going to a workshop and having to stand up, say your name, what you do, where you’re from, one fact about yourself bla bla bla…. Boring. Uncomfortable. And most people aren’t really listening or absorbing anyway because they’re busier thinking about what they’re going to say when it’s their turn.

    I work in the ‘connection’ arena. This is a book full of creative, quick and easy to implement ideas on how to get a group of people engaged and comfortable while having fun. Whatever the objective of the group – if you want to end up with much better outcomes – get things started on the right foot. Happy, engaged, connected and comfortable people are free, creative, and focused.

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