Connection Toolkit


Good For:

Professional development, Building trust, Meeting design, Engaging training exercises, Off-site planning, Getting the most out of your tools, Jump-starting connection, Breaking down communication barriers

What is it?

  • Connection Toolkit includes: We! Connect Cards™, We! Engage Cards™, and an interactive fold-out Roadmap to Connection to get started easily—and wisely, our bestselling book Ask Powerful Questions and free unlimited access to (valued at $117/year).

What does it do?

  • Provides a faster, more fun way to “break the ice” with new and established teams
  • Offers a suite of activities to cross-pollinate different departments across your company
  • Equips educators with countless possibilities for active and engaging activities
  • Arms employees and leaders with a set of questions to break down communication barriers and management hierarchies
  • Gives employees permission to have fun and be excited about work

What will I get?

  • 2 decks of durable, well crafted cards (We! Connect Cards and We! Engage Cards)
  • #1 Bestselling book, Ask Powerful Questions, with concrete, practical tools to help you develop trust and connect your teams
  • 50+ detailed video and written descriptions of activities anyone can set up and run
  • Access to Chad’s Connection Before Content Masterclass
  • Free unlimited access to, the world’s largest database of group games & activities that help people connect

Who is it for?

Leaders, educators, program directors, team leaders, conference organizers, coaches, managers, facilitators, and trainers

What happens if I don’t like it?

If you don’t like your toolkit, we’ll refund you your money. Period. (This might be the only time we won’t ask questions.)

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