We! Engage Cards

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Good For:

Brainstorming, Goal setting, Productivity, Meetings, Trainings, Getting out of your seat, Sparking conversation, Effective communication

What is it?

A deck of 56 cards, each with an inspiring, thought-provoking quote on one side and a powerful photo on the other, with activities designed to increase group engagement

What does it do?

  • Makes ideas and conversations in meetings more memorable through the use of imagery
  • Provides a simple-to-use framework that makes meetings, trainings, or classes more fun, productive, and efficient

Who is it for?

Managers, program directors, facilitators, project directors, team leaders, teachers, instructors

What happens if I don’t like it?

If you don’t like the cards, send them back and we’ll refund you your money. (This might be the only time we won’t ask questions.)

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15 reviews for We! Engage Cards

  1. Anonymous

    Best tool for leaders to create AWESOME meetings that build trust and engagement!
    This deck is perfect for leaders, trainers, educators, and facilitators. These cards have saved my meetings! There are so many activities that are easy to implement that come with the deck. Spark conversation, use the images to gain clarity to solve problems, connect more deeply through the quotes on the back. The cards are made to connect to your content and your mission as well!

  2. Kaaaaaaate

    Concrete for abstract ideas!
    I have utilized it for different activities to bridge the gap and create connections within the therapeutic groups I run for individuals with disabilities. My programs bring together folks with different disabilities as well as from different locations from all across the state (i.e. urban, suburban, rural). I have found that using the picture side of the cards as a tool to elicit more abstract concepts related to emotions has been incredibly useful for my clients.

  3. CAPOZZI Group

    WOW! Great quality product with numerous ways to use depending on your situation.
    I purchased a few decks of the We! Engage cards and am very impressed. I made my purchase solely based on my positive past experiences in having used the sister product, “We! Connect Cards” since a few days after they released. For years those cards have worked with every group I have facilitated. Now you have released another winner! Thank you. The diversity in the applications was far more than I had anticipated. The online tutorial and video was very helpful. Well done We!

  4. Anonymous

    Amazing Quality – Very Helpful!
    Cards are crisp, clean and easy to use. My team uses them for a variety of settings, both corporate and for young students /adults. Highly recommend! As facilitating or doing group activities can often time be awkward or uncomfortable for some, these cards other we! tools make that experience more enjoyable and approachable for everyone involved!

  5. Anonymous

    I LOVE image cards like these!!
    I do a lot of facilitation work, and one of the simplest activities to do with a group is the use of image cards. You lay out the cards in the center of the group and then have them select an image that somehow answers the prompt you’ve given the group. Using visuals is a helpful way to trigger a different part of the brain and get the group to open up in a different way than they may typically.

  6. E Tyler

    Must-Have Tool for Real Results
    If you want “lots of stuff,” buy jelly beans. If you want succinct, effective, quality materials that you’ll use time and again with real results, get these. Simply put, I will not facilitate a group without these tools. Period.

  7. Casey

    Break the Ice!
    These Icebreakers are TOP NOTCH! Thank you so much, I love them just as much as the We Connect cards! Bravo guys!

  8. Michael Diettrich

    So helpful in so many contexts!
    I have been facilitating large and small group activities for many years and am truly impressed with these cards. I have used them in a variety of settings now and am always impressed with how well groups respond. I have seen the We! Engage Cards work well for anything from a small team to an entire large room of people. I think that these cards function well in creating connection in groups regardless of age or context of the meeting. I highly recommend this tool if you are a facilitator, teacher, speaker or coach.

  9. CJ

    These engage cards are versatile! They can be used with adolescents and adults.
    What I like about these cards is tat they are versatile. They can be used jut as conversation starters, or in more formal ways with people at professional development sessions. They can be used as ice breakers, or if you are planning to have a session were conflict and feedback are going to be discussed. They are so good for reflection and like metaphors –they make the frontal cortex of your brain work!

  10. Karan

    Nice cards and the quotes are very interesting and thought provoking. Good for usage in small groups and events. 🙂

  11. Daniel P.

    Great resource for meaningful connections and better programs.
    The We! Engage Cards have become an invaluable resource for me, an arrow in my quiver I frequently launch at the beginning of programs and meetings.

    I was asked to lead a discussion with a nonprofit’s board of directors around the topic of fundraising. The organization is small with a very small governing board. They’ve done well for a long time and are at a point where they’re looking at scaling up their operations. They wanted an outside perspective on the nonprofit landscape and fundraising in our community. I opened the session with the Ingredients of Trust exercise with these cards. It allowed the group to connect with one another in a way that got them thinking creatively and critically before diving into the material. That kept a heightened level of engagement throughout the discussion. It also afforded me the opportunity to underscore the role of trust in fundraising – a key element to success.

    These cards and the amazing activities you can do with them have become a frequently used resource. I know I will use this over and over again for years to come! (Be sure you get the Pocket Guide To Facilitating Human Connections too!)

  12. Ashley C Herring

    These are great quality! I’m an agile coach and got these to use for ice breakers or team building. They are high quality and insightful. Can be used a variety of ways. Love the rubber band to use too!

  13. Linda

    It made a great room parent gift, too!
    ❤️ classroom interaction opportunities!

  14. Joseph Villegas

    The We! Engage Cards really generated conversations that contained more depth and often got participants to speak confidently about experiences that the quote and/or the image brought to mind. The duality of this activity also gave them options in addressing one or the other if they did not connect with a piece on the card. At first, the images seemed random, but in being instructed to think about the image, I found the activity truly thought provoking.

  15. Josh

    I teach at a university and I run a nonprofit and we use these ALL the time. As ice breakers, to build connections with employees, to have fun–they are so great. So simple yet so profound.

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