How To Make Virtual Engagement Easy


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Remote Teams, Virtual Meetings, Distance Learning, Experiential Virtual Presentations & Workshops, Avoiding Zoom Burnout, Higher Meeting Engagement, Emerging Leader Coaching & Development, More Effective Meetings, More Intentional Conversation, Experience Design, Facilitation Skills, Creating a Culture of Connection, Personal Development

What is it?

This book is a practical how-to guide to take the heavy lifting off of leaders and educators to make virtual engagement easy. Ready to turn mundane meetings into memorable moments? This book is designed to deliver personalized, in-the-moment learning. Consider what your group’s virtual engagement needs are. Scan the table of contents. Then jump to that section and allow the ideas presented there to open up your own creativity and transform your pixelated gatherings

Each chapter in here is paired with a video tutorial. And every chapter title is an exact question asked by a real leader or educator. Sample chapters include:

  • How Can Active Participation in Meetings Be Encouraged?
  • How to Run a Successful Virtual Meeting
  • How To Make Virtual Team Meetings Fun
  • How to Build a Strong Culture With a Remote Team
  • How To Be Interactive In A Virtual Presentation
  • How to Make Distance Learning Fun

Every section of the book will give you real-world advice, strategies, tactics and exercises on how to fully engage your group, whether hybrid or remote. Nearly all of the strategies in the book can be instantly adapted to an in-person environment as well.

What does it do?

  • Unpacks the 5 Ingredients for Engagement, a proven model for injecting life back into your remote gatherings.
  • Supplies real advice for increasing the level of contribution and engagement with your group, with tips you can implement immediately.
  • Provides practical activities that help you build a remote team that is  connected, bonded, and most importantly, working more effectively together. 
  • Breaks down dozens of easy-to-use methods to make online learning and distance education more impactful and engaging

Who is it for?

This book is for all those leaders and educators who know that part of changing their world involves investing in themselves and their own learning. Facilitators, trainers and coaches, please ruthlessly steal and reinterpret all the methods in this book and apply them to your own context! Have fun with it. Anybody who has been “voluntold” to lead a meeting or kick off a gathering with an icebreaker will also soak this book up like a sponge.

What happens if I don’t like it?

If you don’t love this resource, send it back and we’ll refund you your money. Period. (This might be the only time we won’t ask questions.)

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  • 298-page choose your own adventure style book
  • QR codes and video tutorials and extra resources for each chapter

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