Connection Toolkit & Live Implementation Session


Good For:

Professional development, Meeting design, Engaging training exercises, Off-site planning, Getting the most out of your tools, Jump-starting connection, Breaking down communication barriers

What is it?

  • Connection Toolkit includes: We! Connect Cards™, We! Engage Cards™, a copy of Pocket Guide to Facilitating Human Connections, and our newest book Ask Powerful Questions: Create Conversations that Matter
  • 60-minute, one-to-one (or group) implementation session (see details below) with one of the co-founders of We and Me, Inc.—Chad or Will—on how to best use your tools

What does it do?

  • Provides a faster, more fun way to “break the ice” with new teams
  • Offers a suite of activities to cross-pollinate different departments across your company
  • Arms employees and management with a set of questions to break down communication barriers and management hierarchies
  • Gives employees permission to have fun and be excited about work
  • Teaches activities and strategies for creating ongoing conversations that matter with your team

What will I get?

  • 60-minute phone or video conference call with Chad Littlefield or Will Wise, co-founders at We and Me, Inc., specifically focused on applying the tools to create the desired impact in your context (We’ll reach out within 24 hours of purchase to schedule our session.)
  • 2 decks of durable, well crafted cards
  • 2 powerful book with valuable ideas to help you develop and connect your teams
  • 50+ detailed video and written descriptions of activities anyone can set up and run
  • Custom tailored ideas and suggestions on how to use your tools with your team

Who is it for?

Program directors, team leaders, conference organizers, managers, facilitators, trainers, and educators

What happens if I don’t like it?

If you don’t like the cards and/or the implementation session, we’ll refund you your money. Period. (This might be the only time we won’t ask questions.)

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"Thank you. Our session was immensely valuable. The content you shared was so applicable to how we connect and work together."

Maria C. | Starbucks


"Such excellent products and services. We are glad to continue partnering with you."

Kim S. | Goodwill