Fun conversation starter cards: We! Connect Challenge

Jun 20, 2023

The We! Connect Cards Challenge: More Than an Icebreaker Game

Experience a unique approach to engagement with the We! Connect Cards challenge. Far from being just another icebreaker game, this challenge promises meaningful conversations that truly connect people far beyond the surface. It is not for everyone and it is not for every context. 

The Origin of the We! Connect Cards Challenge

The inception of this challenge traces back to a story involving my friend Nick. On his first date with a woman named Kelsey, he decided to bring along a deck of the We! Connect Cards. They ended up going through the entire deck of 60 questions that night!

Beyond the Typical Icebreaker Game: Asking Powerful Questions

Instead of sticking to “typical” questions like “What do you do for a living?”, Nick and Kelsey explored more thoughtful and intentional questions. They asked each other, “What would your closest friend say is your best character trait?”, “What is something kind that someone has done for you recently?”, or “What is one of your favorite things about someone in your family?”.

Imagine the depth of understanding you could gain about someone through such meaningful discussions. You could potentially learn more about a person than about your closest family members with whom you’ve lived with for years!

A New Take on Conversation Starter Cards

The We! Connect Cards are not your typical set of chat pack questions. They aren’t a conventional icebreaker game. Admittedly, I’m extremely biased here because I created them, spent 2 years researching and refining the question list, and even published a peer-reviewed academic paper on the deck…I do believe they are the best conversation card game available currently. 

It’s an exciting opportunity to delve deeper into conversations that matter. The challenge involves navigating through every question in the deck with another person or a group, fostering a more profound level of dialogue and understanding.

Making Meaningful Conversations Accessible

The primary goal of this challenge is not to sell decks of cards. While the physical deck of We! Connect Cards is available for purchase (obviously), there is also a free printable version of most of the questions available right here. My personal mission is to gently eradicate small talk and creative conversations that matter—regardless of profit. 

Definition of Belonging

There it is. This is the We! Connect Cards Challenge, publicly shared for the first time. Simply exchange answers to every question in the deck with one other person—all in one sitting.

For some, even the idea of this is too much. Too vulnerable. Too hard. Too _______. Keep in mind that I would define “belonging” as being seen, heard, understood—and accepted—for who you are—and who you are not. So…if you want to belong, being seen is a prerequisite. 

 If you embrace this challenge, I’d be thrilled to hear about your experience. And if your story is exceptionally awesome, you might even receive a few free decks to help spread the magic.

A Surprise Ending: First People to Ever Complete the Challenge

An interesting anecdote is that Nick and Kelsey, the pioneers of the card challenge, are now happily married. It’s a testament to the power of meaningful conversation, isn’t it?

I’m Chad Littlefield, the creator of We! Connect Cards. I encourage you to transcend traditional icebreakers and engage in conversations that genuinely matter. Have an awesome day!

Lastly, check this out…

This is really, really fun.

A couple months ago, I asked a few hundred people, “Approximately, how many unique conversations have been started using your “We! Connect Cards?” THEN…

I asked…asked ChatGPT to summarize their responses to the following question in a TL;DR bulleted list: “What specific impact or outcomes have resulted from those conversations?”

And here is what came back…

Impact of These Conversation Starter Cards

  • 🌟 Aha moments and new insights about colleagues
  • 👥 Deeper connections and relationships among coworkers
  • ❄️ Effective #icebreakers for various settings
  • 🏫 Improved classroom cohesion and psychological safety
  • 🤝 Increased #trust and understanding among team members
  • 🌍 Enhanced cross-cultural connections and empathy
  • 💬 More engaging and meaningful conversations
  • 😊 Happier, more comfortable, and connected participants
  • 🎯 Greater connection and familiarity within groups and meetings
  • 💼 Stronger teams with deeper relationships

The most fun part of all is that, on average, a deck of We! Connect Cards created 53 unique conversations per deck. And with 100,000+ decks sold around the world…THAT means these little questions below have sparked over 5 MILLION conversations that never otherwise would have happened. 

We’ve talked our way right into tomorrow!

And now it is your turn.