As somebody that helps organization and universities amplify a culture of connection belong and trust, I wanted to unpack and film a video on the question of “Why is it important to build trust with customers?” Really excited to be joining you in this video to share insanely hilarious and sort of epic example of why is it so important. Also, offer you the short answer now in case you have the attention span of a goldfish like me sometimes. It’s important to build trust with customers because if you don’t, someone else will.

I’ll share an insane example of where that happens. Then also unpack some really interesting data and stats that will not only convince you but perhaps your boss and people that work around you on why is it important to build trust with customers. Without further ado, let’s get into it. Alright, so what I’d love to do is take you on a little bit of an internet journey. Let’s shrink me down and bring up google.

I’m imagining that you’ve all heard the phrase Know, Like and Trust. People who do business with people who they know like and trust. One quick google search. You could stop watching this video and pick up…Let’s see, 1,210,000,000 results on articles, ideas that are advocating for this idea. This is not a noble concept.What I hope to do is to dive into data and really concrete example that you can take and apply into your own context with your own whether be your business or students or whoever it is that are in your sphere.Before I get into data, just check out this crazy example where Burger King looked at all the places that McDonald’s had broken trust with customers and took upon themselves to reply.

Let’s just watch this together for a moment. Burger King in Denmark. By the way, I’m not advocating for Burger King or McDonald’s. I couldn’t actually care less. I try to avoid them when I can. Although I’m a sucker for some chicken nuggets once in a while. Burger King hops on, finds replies on McDonald’s page and takes the liberty to reply from their burger king account. This is just golden, The amount of trust that happens especially..

Trust is Built Through Conversation

This is an example, If you’re watching this, you may not be a part of a really big brand. Although you might. The idea here is trust is built through conversation.When we’ve reached out to a brand we don’t get a reply, that’s a huge break in in trust. Appreciating that concept of that video, take that idea and let’s unpack some of the data behind it. Why is it important to build trust with customers.

Let’s unpack a little bit of data

While ago, because my work is focused around this idea of amplifying connection and trust within organizations, we put together an article with a compiling whole bunch of data. You can access it. If you want to go to, it’ll bring up a whole bunch of resources on our page and you can find this article and the data within it.But I would say it’s pretty costly enough be thinking about trust. Internally, right? 49% of people find it that there’s a trust gap with the people that they work with.Trust creates shortcuts to better communication.It reduces our prejudice and implicit bias. Plus a happy workplace. This is the interesting one. 47% higher returns in companies that have culture of trust and effective communication. 47% higher returns. Obviously, That number is going to be vary based on your particular venture, aim, context. But just say like even if it’s 10%.I mean, it’s a huge difference.Sometimes I like to think about this. When you’re sitting in a pharmacy, let’s say CVS for example. You’re picking between Thailand and CVS brand, acetaminophen or Advil and CVS brand, Ibuprofen. When you’re looking and comparing those 2, they’re the exact same thing. Yet people, sometimes myself included even though it kind of like be cheap, will pick the brand name because there’s some sort of trust in Thailanol, Advil as supposed to that generic brand.

You can see right there, that’s part of the high returns. If there’s trust in your brand, people will not only spend more but they’ll be more likely to choose you over somebody else sitting on theshelf. Metaphorically or literally sitting on the shelf to your brand. Cool, so you’re going to unpack, if you’re going to go to this article Whole bunch of other benefits associated with trust.

This is a really good article to send to your boss if you’re trying to build some efforts around creating and amplifying trust in your own environment. Well, I did put a book together called Ask Powerful Questions Create Conversations That  Matter. It is largely focused around how do I build and amplify relationships of trust with people. Maybe bought into the why behind building trust with customers.


There are lot’s of ways… This video is not intended to cover lots of ways. But I do want to give you one that I found really, really, meaningful for me in my own business and my own practice to be able to build trust with customers. If we can jump back to loom.If you’ve heard this tool, it’s an amazing, amazing tool to be able to send…Record and send videos over email really easily. When I’m working with customers,

Recently sent a message to Hazel. Facilitating a big virtual conference for Agile Arizona I did a workshop for… Recently sent 100 toolkits to leaders within state farm. I will record a video to create some connection before content personalized to either that group or that person.If you reach out on our website, I will send people a video. If you click and get in touch…If you see like, “Ooh, we want to bring Chad in this.” Be a virtual conference or something like that, if you reach out, band with assuming, either Alyza, my assistant will happily respond. Or as whenever I have the time to, because I think that building trust with customers is so important, I will take the time personally, record a Loom video and send it in an email to you. It makes a huge difference.

When you fill in a contact form.. You’re like jump to a website, fill out, get in touch and you type in like, “Blah,blah, blah, blah, blah….” And you hit submit, we forget sometimes that those contact forms go to human beings. This is such an amazing opportunity to be able to build trust and rapport for me to send back a video saying, “Hey, Sam.I’m really glad to hear from you/hearing this context.I’m available on this date. Looking forward to working together.” That relationship of trust. Sending a personalized video to every single person you meet with may not be possible. But the idea is ask yourself the question “How can I build a relationship of trust with a customer at every single touchpoint that I’m meeting with them at?”

Because if at any touchpoint, your break trusts, you don’t respond, the product disappoints, the service disappoints and you don’t deal with that, it’s going to break trust.And not only will it prevent them from coming back to you. But they’ll be very happy to tell all their friends not to come back to you as well. Hopefully, the idea in this video, the data in this video helped you amplify trust. If you want more resources, check out the links below. We have a whole bunch of resources to help create more trust internally and externally.Super lovely spending cyberspace with you.


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