Try to remember the last time you attended a Q&A session. I bet it went something like this: somebody got up to the mic, talked about themselves for two minutes, then said “so…what do you think about all that?” It happens at almost every conference or event that we’ve been too. And we speak and facilitate dozens of interactive conferences and events each year. Below is a fun, creative alternative to the dreaded Q&A session:

To disrupt the pattern Q&A, we invented the “Q&Q.” The Question & Question format goes like this:

  1. invite people to ask a question that must begin with “HOW” or “WHAT” – not “why”
  2. the speaker responds with another question or two to clarify or dig deeper
  3. then, and only then, the speaker offers a their thoughts on the matter

That’s it. Simple. A subtle but powerful shift in the mindset of “let’s ask the guru a question.” The intention is to create a more conversational, meaningful, and engaging experience for everyone—not just the question asker. We take it a step further by using our throwable microphones (photo below) and the Q&Q quickly turns into a micro-workshop filled with learning and laughter—as opposed to empty, disengaged silence.

Interactive Throwable Mic for Keynote Speakers Chad Littlefield and Will Wise

Happy asking! If you’d like to discuss bringing myself or my partner, Will Wise, in to make your event worth remembering, get in touch with us directly for pricing and availability. We always make it a point to get back to you in 24-48 hours.


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