Best Team Activities to Increase Engagement

Aug 22, 2023

When it comes to enhancing team engagement, you don’t want to rely on activities that might only offer marginal results. In this article, I’ll share three highly effective exercises that have proven to foster genuine engagement. The best part? These activities are not only impactful but also free, easily accessible, and require no sign-ups, logins, or payments. Drawing inspiration from my recent experience at TICE 2023, an A+ learning leaders’ conference, I’m excited to introduce you to these engagement-boosting methods that work wonders, whether in-person or virtually.

Activity 1: Digital We! Connect Cards – Strengthening Connections Virtually 

At TICE 2023, I encountered a pressing question: How can we replicate meaningful engagement virtually, just like we do in person? Enter We! Connect Cards a brilliantly simple tool designed to create connections and spark conversations. These digital or physical card decks comprise questions on one side and corresponding actions on the other. The beauty lies in its simplicity and adaptability. To initiate connection before diving into content, distribute the link to the free digital version ( and prompt participants to choose a card that resonates with them. What’s even more remarkable is how these questions can be tailored to suit your meeting’s context, enabling a seamless integration of human connection with the meeting’s purpose.

Activity 2: Digital We! Engage Cards – The Power of Quotes and Images 

Another remarkable engagement tool that emerged from TICE 2023 is the We! Engage Cards.” These cards feature quotes on one side and captivating images on the other, tapping into the psychology of authenticity and inspiration. The prompts can be customized to guide participants’ reflections based on their unique strengths, passions, or aspirations. The deck’s versatility empowers you to tailor the prompts and reuse the cards for various contexts, ensuring sustained engagement and dynamic interactions.

Access and share the link with participants here:

Activity 3: AI-Powered Conversations with “Tomorrow” 

Inspired by the growing accessibility of AI, particularly chatbots, I hired a group of developers to help me build the concept of “Tomorrow“—an AI chatbot designed to facilitate reflective conversations. Unlike typical AI models, Tomorrow solely focuses on asking thought-provoking questions, aiding participants in talking their way into a more informed future. While not a replacement for personal coaching, this AI-driven approach encourages participants to contemplate their goals and potential actions. By stimulating reflection, even imperfect prompts can catalyze action-taking tendencies, ultimately driving engagement and growth.

There is also mountains of research and science provided in our book, Ask Powerful Questions, on the impact of inquiry. Tomorrow is simply a practical tool to bring that science to life. 

Elevate Engagement Through Thoughtful Activities 

As we navigate the evolving landscape of team interactions, these three activities offer invaluable ways to enrich engagement. Whether leveraging the thought-provoking questions of We! Connect Cards, the inspiration of We! Engage Cards, or the introspective conversations guided by AI-driven Tomorrow, you can propel your team’s connectivity and productivity to new heights. 

This, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg. The rest of the iceberg can be found in How to Make Virtual Engagement Easy. 

Have an awesome day.