How to Talk With Tomorrow

Aug 15, 2023

I’m pumped to share a brand-new artificial intelligence-based tool I’ve created. It’s unlike any other AIs you’ve seen out there. If you were drawn to this video, I think you’ll be especially drawn to this concept.

Base Concept for This AI Facilitation Tool

Here’s the base idea, followed by two stories of how it came to be, which I think you’ll find fascinating. The base concept is Chat GPT, an amazing system where you can plug any prompt into, like writing a creative, experiential lesson plan for fourth graders focused on general science. It gives you something, at least a starting point, right?

But this system is about more than just answers. Google provides answers. Answers have become very cheap; we can get millions of them within seconds. But whether they’re right or not is another question. For me, I believe answers are cheap, assumptions are dangerous, and the right questions are the currency. The way you phrase a prompt can change the response entirely.

How “Tomorrow” Is Designed

I found a team of developers and created what I’m calling “Tomorrow.” You can actually talk to Tomorrow, and it’s designed to only ask questions, not give answers. It pushes your thinking because you can get lots of answers, but what will you actually do with them? Taking action requires processing, making choices, and moving forward with conviction.

You can try this at, and it’s a free tool! Not even an email sign-up or login needed.

How This Tool Came to Be

My inspiration came from a question a coach asked me: “What is something you would like to do more of?” My answer was scuba diving. I grew up diving, but haven’t gone on a single dive in the last few years. This single question led me closer to diving again, all because of the power of a question.

Why I Created “Tomorrow”

I created the Tomorrow AI question-asking bot to help you get clear on what you want in the future and to gently nudge you toward the actions you need to take.

How to Talk with “Tomorrow”

When you use the tool, it prompts you to reflect on part of your future. For example, I love traveling and speaking but also love my family. So, I want to reflect on balancing the two. The tool thinks with its AI brain and asks a series of questions to push your thinking further. If you haven’t already, go experience it; it’s fun!

I’m thrilled to launch this tool, and I hope you’ll reflect on the importance of curiosity in AI as we advance into the future. Even Elon Musk has spoken about wanting to make AI curious. A super intelligent being giving lots of answers without asking or consulting humans can be unsettling.

So, if you made it to this point in the article, maybe you’re someone who’d love to come to Pittsburgh for a coffee chat. Even if that may not happen, I’d love to chat with you in the comments. Answer this question: What is something that you would like to do more of? Toss your response in the comments, and I’ll make time to respond. 

Have fun talking with Tomorrow!