Our brains are wired to make assumptions. We do it all the time. We make assumptions about how the world is, and live as if those assumptions are true. By doing this, though, we are limiting ourselves to possibilities on the other side of our inhibitions.

Consider this simple scenario: You are used to working with the same coworker for years, until one day a new one is hired to work with the two of you. This worker is quiet, and might look different than you. As a result, you automatically assume that you two would not get along, and decide not to speak to them unless absolutely necessary.

Situations like this are familiar all of us. We shut ourselves off from possible great connections. Straying from this habit requires us to explore possibilities. Rather than allowing our brains to assume how someone will be, we need to call upon our own creativity and contemplate ways to break both parties out of their shells.  

We and Me Model Exploring Possibilities and Making Assumptions

One tool is asking powerful questions, which is further described in the book written by WiLL WiSE. These questions often starts with how or what, and end with an open question that allows an individual to openly share their perspective with you. You might ask, “What did you think of that meeting this morning?” Even the smallest question can get a person to open up to you, allowing you both to alter your perceptions of each other.

Will and Chad explain more about what it is like to be in a place of exploring in the video below!




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