Have you ever met somebody who loves to be right? More than that, they have the need to be right? It’s a mindset easy to spot in others, but have you ever been that person? One dynamic that arises when we think we know everything is this incessant “need to be right” mindset. Rather than seeing the world for all that it has to offer, we see what we want to. We live in a world of confirmation bias and self-fulfilling prophecies. It sounds bad, but we all do it. It’s what Freud referred to at the “ego” showing up to establish importance. It’s actually quite natural. After all, our brains learn from past behavior, and we try to make decisions that will protect us or give us some deeper sense of belonging.

Our need to be right does not always bode well when it comes to communicating and building relationships of trust on a team. In fact, we just build this wall between ourselves and the other person. We discussed in previous We & Me Framework dynamics that people need to feel valued in order to trust. Well, needing to be right can sometimes mean tearing another person’s ideas down or ignoring them altogether. Being in a mindset of openness allows room for understanding. And it does not just serve to benefit the other person, but us as well.

We and Me Model Need to Be Right and Open

Being open to a new outcome in situations where you let go of the need to be right carves out room for personal growth. And organizational or team growth. When we are able to admit our mistakes to the people involved (which is really, really challenging), we learn from them and how to move beyond them. Let Will and Chad tell you more in the video below!



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