Case Study:
Growing Culture at Typeform

The Challenge

As a fast growing company, Typeform was scaling people and operations. Scaling culture, though, is a whole different beast. How do you scale the values, vibe, and intangibles that make a company worth working at when you are changing, growing, and hiring everyday? We partnered with the 150 incredible employees and leaders at Typeform to take the challenge of scaling culture head on.

The Solution

Seek to understand before seeking to be understood. Even though we have experience working with dozens of organizations, we wanted to take the time to really understand the unique challenges at Typeform through written feedback and a 1-to-1 with every manager. Based on that data, we designed a customized company retreat and follow-up coaching plan to address these challenges.

“ Just the right balance between profound insights into our psychology and fun exercises. ”

– Ivan

“ Two weeks after the retreat, I still feel a better connection with the people I connected more deeply with at the event. ”

– Sati

What We Did to Support Typeform

Our aim was to create a structured, yet informal, learning experience where the team is laughing, connecting across silos, and focused on relationship – not tasks. We set out to design a company retreat that would create an environment where team members can see people as people and their humanity – not just their roles and departments. In bullet form, we designed and facilitated a 2-day all staff retreat to:

  1. Find purpose at work
  2. Connect the Typeform team
  3. Increase trust through connection
  4. Play with company values
  5. Increase understanding of “the other” (i.e., foster a more “we focused” mindset)
  6. Create space for people to be “human beings” – not “human doings”
  7. Have a ton of fun



Deeper Connection

Great teams trust each other and the retreat we facilitated created opportunities to build that trust

Finding Purpose at Work

Getting outside the office gave employees a chance to grow and connect to why they work at Typeform

Concrete Shared Values

Our workshops allowed Typeformers to identify their agreed upon values

Fresh ideas

Being external facilitators, we delivered a host of new ideas from our experience with other company cultures to spark innovation at Typeform


Felt more connected to co-workers

Estimated new connections

Collaboratively Chosen Values

Great Team

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