Hey everyone! Thanks for tuning in. We’re excited to formally announce the launch of co-founder Will Wise’s book, Ask Powerful Questions: Create Conversations that Matter. Save the date: you can grab your copy in paperback or ebook when it goes on sale October 16th!

Why do we fail to connect deeply? At what precise moment does empathy, support or trust begin to take hold between two people, and why? How do leaders become more effective? It all comes down to knowing WHAT to ask.

It took years of research, university teaching, and hundreds of client projects for Will to formulate his concept behind the art of asking powerful questions. In his book, Will breaks it down into six simple steps for all of us to be able to understand. Here is a snapshot of the Asking Powerful Questions Pyramid™, and how its levels may impact our understanding of others: Ask Powerful Questions Pyramid™In Ask Powerful Questions, Will Wise explains how the questions we traditionally ask are virtually meaningless when it comes to establishing connection. Introducing a set of practical tools for accessing and understanding others by changing the way we ask questions, Will shows how to transform “How are you?—I’m fine, thanks” into a conversation that changes not only how you lead, but who you are as a person. Business professionals, personal coaches, teachers and anyone in a position of leadership will relate to the personal successes and failures Will shares as he unpacks the art of asking questions that elicit unconventional answers. How can we explore the space between ourselves and others, and exchange meaningful perspectives? Just ask—powerfully.

We can’t wait to get copies of this book into your hands on October 16th. Help us share the news by supporting our social reach campaign on Thunderclap right here



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