We tend to aim for bigger.

Bigger reach. More revenue. Higher engagement. Increased impact. On and on. 
But what’s the point of constantly growing if it isn’t improving our lives or the lives of our clients, customers, students, family, loved ones, or whoever we’re dealing with? Why just keep growing for the sake of growing?
This year, I’m focusing on making We and Me better—not bigger.

This year, I’m choosing to care less about the bottom line and more about what happens in between.
And I challenge you to join me. I’m inviting you to really consider if doing more is actually better (for you or the folks you serve) or if the main outcome is just…busyness.
To start this immediately, please drop a comment, write me a reply, or send a smoke signal to let me know what you think I could be doing better. Videos, products, website—whatever you think could be improved, I want to listen to your perspective about all of it!

Toward real connection—online and off,

Creator of the Connection Toolkit
Co-Founder at We and Me

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PPS –  Looking for even more ways to get better in your daily life? Either of the two videos below could be a great start!