I’m thrilled to let you know that you can now get a box of We! Connect Cards in Spanish! We’re really excited for you to be able to check these out. They’re the same great connection-building questions that you’ve been using for years—just en español. 

We have a limited number of Spanish decks, so if you’re interested, click the button below to let us know how many decks you’d like to order and we’ll reserve that inventory before we run out! You’re not promising to buy a specific number of decks. We’re strictly trying to gauge interest in the cards, so let us know what you think.

If you’re on that list, you’ll be the first to know when they are available on Amazon and in the store! 

Now for the free goodness…

Did you know that you can now use We! Connect Cards online? Yep! If you don’t have time to order them, or you need to make sure “those hybrid folks” are properly included, you simply send them to: https://weconnectcards.com/ and use them right there.

Mountains of possibilities with these, and you’ll find just the tip of the iceberg with these 5 Connection Exercises with the digital deck.

Truly free. Not even an email signup required to use these babies! 👍👍 And we made it a “web app” which means, no download, and you can direct people to the deck anytime and anywhere! 

Toward real connection—online and off,

Creator of the Connection Toolkit
Co-Founder at We and Me

PSKnow somebody who is an Instagram expert? I’d love to meet with them to discuss hiring them to take over and improve our “nearly-useless-but-could-be-awesome” Instagram accounts for We and Me and yours truly 🤣

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