We! Connect Cards App

👷 Instructions Under Construction—Always

This simple web app is intended to be a flexible tool. Use the deck however you’d like. Let us know how you use it, and we’ll continue to update this page with fun, creative ideas to help you make connection easy.

  1. Screen share the app right into breakout rooms on Zoom.
  2. Tell your group to all go to www.weconnectcards.com on their phones, pair up, and answer the first question that pops up.
  3. Use the questions as a journaling prompt to spark quiet reflection.
  4. Invite everyone in a meeting to pick a question to ask a colleague that they haven’t talked to in a while.
  5. Play music at the beginning of your virtual event while you flip through questions inviting people to unmute and answer a question when something comes to mind.

The possibilities are endless!

You can also access a full set of video tutorials for We! Connect Cards at www.weand.me/connect 

Got an idea or feedback to make our simple little app better? Email hello@weand.me with your thoughts. 

What People Say About We! Connect Cards

I used the We Connect Cards for the first time in a large group. They were a tremendous hit. In the same meeting, I also had a virtual crowd, but I was able to steer them toward weconnectcards.com and they started (organically) asking questions of each other in the chat function. Huge win for everyone!!

Bought for a one time event but friends keep asking me to get them back out. They’re great for friend get togethers.

I’ve used these for adults and for college-aged students. It’s a GREAT ice breaker to use instead of those corny go-to’s. I like to do it at the start of each class I teach and make students form a group of all three colors with new people each class. It helps with networking and learning those soft skills students seem to be lacking these days.

I teach middle school health and PE, AND I coach at the High School level. Within 24 hours of receiving my We! Connect Cards, I was able to create meaningful conversations among my students AND my team. (I was able to also sneakily use them to create their teams for activities :)) I am enjoying them very much!