New Book Launches Today!

 See the inside and watch my (raw and a bit vulnerable) video preview of the book right here or…

If you’re a leader, facilitator, or educator looking for a practical how-to guide to help you: 

  • Finally run a virtual meeting that encourages participation and engagement, not furtive phone-scrolling
  • Develop and lead a session that’s interactive, fun, and compelling, not an endless parade of PowerPoint slides
  • Develop a strong, connected culture with your remote team

Then you’re exactly who I designed How to Make Virtual Engagement Easy for.

This book, quite literally, came from your questions. Every chapter title is a question that a client, leader, or educator on this list asked me in some way shape, or form. The content in this book is really a conversation—at scale.

You’ll unpack topics related to Remote Team Culture, Specific Virtual ActivitiesFacilitation Techniques, Online Learning Best Practices, and heaps more. 

This book is designed to be used and read however you want. It’s not supposed to be a linear read. When you’re looking for help on designing a remote meeting, leading a training session, or facilitating an entire event, just grab the book, scan the TOC (that’s Table of Contents for book nerds), find the exact topic you need help with and jump there immediately. 

⏰And for the next 72 hours only, the paperback version of the book is on sale for $14.95, so do yourself a favor and grab it now before the price goes back up! 

That said, the cost of this book isn’t nearly as expensive as being in the exact same place 1 year from now with your remote meetings and virtual gatherings. 

Toward real connection—online and off,

Creator of the Connection Toolkit
Co-Founder at We and Me

PS – Looking to level up your learning and mastery this year to design more engaging remote and virtual meetings, workshops, and events? Well, in tandem with the book launch, I’m also hosting an intensive 2-day Remote Retreat and Learning Lab in March 2022.

PPS – Not into reading books? That’s okay! Because every chapter of the book has a QR code with a video tutorial to pair with the written content! See a preview of Chapter 1 below. The book is not even intended to be read from front to back.

Video screenshots from Video Series

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