I believe the 3 personal stories I share in this video offer a transformative perspective shift in how to keep yourself motivated to achieve your goals.

Got a few minutes for that?

For those of you who read my note last week, you know that Will Wise, my co-founder, co-author, mentor, and friend of 10 years, passed away on November 12, 2021. It has sparked an immense amount of reflection, sadness, and 18 other emotions.

When we go through difficult times, our motivation can waver. Depression can even creep in to varying degrees. Hmm…motivation vs. depression? What’s the relationship between those two?

While this week’s video was recorded a couple months before Will died, it is a timely message that has helped me shift my perspective on motivation and deal with its natural ebb and flow.

Toward the middle, I also offer you a fresh perspective that might just revolution how you think of depression.

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PS – If you feel inspired to honor Will’s contribution/impact on your life, some close friends have set up a “Fun Fund” for his three young children to support their exploration, play, and curiosity. I’d love to see the We and Me community rally together to meet their GoFundMe goal overnight. A 50 cent donation from everyone reading this would just about do it … Any contribution will be deeply appreciated by Will’s wife Heather and his three kiddos, Sylvan, Fern, and Cypress.

Can’t donate? Would you be willing to record a video or write about the impact WiLL or his ideas had on your life?

PPS – We were scheduled to launch our new book two weeks ago. I (obviously) delayed that a bit. But on Monday of next week, get ready for the official launch email for How to Make Virtual Engagement Easy! If you’d like to be invited to a free, private launch workshop/party on Monday, drop your email here.         

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