“Collaboration” is a lovely buzzword.

In reality though, co-leading, co-creating, co-habitating, or co-llaborating can be messy. (Not share exactly what “llaborating” even is actually 🤣)

Mind-reading and mutual agreement on everything aren’t generally options. Bummer.

So you end up standing on the other side of the stage in front of 800 people, staring at your co-leader with an expression that makes your wife send you a frantic text message to “pay attention to your face!”. No? Just me?

^ That story which I elaborate on in the video (which was recorded in September) is real bittersweet because the person I’m staring at is Will Wise, my co-founder who passed away in November.

In today’s video, I’m sharing 3 suggestions and some personal experiences to make your facilitation go a lot more smoothly.

Drop a comment on the video and let us know your tips to make co-facilitating even easier.

Toward real connection—online and off,

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PS – In case you were hibernating from your inbox last week…my new book How to Make Virtual Engagement Easy just released! Grab a copy for yourself or your team to hit the “refresh” button on any pixelated meetings, events, or gatherings that you’ll be experiencing in 2022.

PPS – This week, I have two other suggested videos for how to effectively facilitate a meeting. Cheers to kindly kicking bad meetings to the curb.

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