Time is precious. And limited. So how can we connect quickly—but meaningfully—with our coworkers, clients, students, friends, or even family?

Promising this in 60 seconds sounds like a bold claim. But it’s true. You’ll love the story about “the Yankees guy” I share in the video. He is totally the proof that is in the pudding.

My job used to require walking into a room and immediately making a connection with everyone there just before starting a 90-minute dialogue about typically touchy topics like politics, conflict, religion, race relations, climate change, etc. So I know from experience that meaningful connection and even some trust can be created in less than a minute.

There are 3 steps to take to get a deeper connection. You don’t need anything special, no extra equipment or apps or crazy objects or questions.

Watch today’s video for 3 steps you can use every time you’re meeting someone, whether it’s a stranger, an old colleague, or someone you just had lunch with yesterday.

Toward real connection—online and off,

Creator of the Connection Toolkit
Co-Founder at We and Me

PS – Want to make a positive connection with somebody right now? Consider forwarding this email to one person or a small group of folks that might love it! You’ll look awesome. They’ll learn something great and thank you for it. And the ideas within will be grateful to make a new friend. Respond to let me know who you’ve shared it and I’ll send you an actual (virtual) hug.

PPS – Liked the first video and want another perspective to start your year off strong. Both the videos below are hidden gems. You’ll even meet my brother in the video about the “roadtrip method.” 

Video screenshots from Video Series

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