As Frank Sonnenberg once said, “Trust is like blood pressure. It’s silent, vital to good health, and if abused it can be deadly.” We!™ believes that trust is a crucial foundation for establishing a healthy and happy work environment. Unfortunately, fast-paced work environments can often put a damper on employee communication.

The Pocket Guide to Facilitating Human Connections outlines several activities that can be performed in the workplace to help build upon the healthy trust that is so important to a more productive workplace.

Ingredients of Trust Thought Exercise

  1. The first round is where a series of images are introduced. Allow everyone to review the images for a few minutes so that they can gain an understanding of what is in front of them.
  2. Each participant should choose an image that best represents an ingredient for trust within the workplace.
  3. Go around and allow everyone to share which image they chose and how it relates to trust.

The above activity helps to establish a common definition of trust within the workplace, and helps make the group aware of each other’s needs in terms of trust. While any series of images can be used for this activity, We! Engage Cards™ display several images that can be used for this activity and many more.

Group Juggle Team Activity

With this activity, juggling is not restricted to hidden talents or carnival attractions. Instead, a group works together to make a difficult past time an exciting exercise. The overall objective of the game is to throw an item (or several) in a pattern, and repeat that pattern. But don’t worry, it gets slightly more complicated than that.

  1. The facilitator always starts and ends with the facilitator.
  2. Everyone must touch the item one time, but only one time for each pattern.
  3. Each person can only have one object at a time.
  4. Before, throwing the item to the next person, say their name aloud to get their attention.
  5. No need to worry if the object is dropped. Either keep going or restart.
  6. For an extra challenge, try the pattern at warp speed.

The group juggle is possibly one of the strangest, yet most interactive games to be implemented in a work environment. The activity allows all employees to learn how to effectively work with each other toward a common goal, and have fun while doing it.

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