New Series – Playmeo & We and Me

Jan 23, 2024

One of my favorite collaborators – Mark Collard of and I have teamed up to bring you this really exciting series of videos. All of them are full of great advice for getting your group connected, energized, and feeling like they’re really a part of the team, not just a group of collaborators who happen to work for the same company.

Check out the videos below – in sequential order, or just grab whichever ones catches your fancy at any specific point.

Video 1 – What is a Quick and Easy Icebreaker for a Meeting?
Chad and Mark introduce a series of activities aimed at facilitating connection and interaction in groups. They emphasize the high success rate of these activities, based on their extensive experience. Chad has led one activity with over a hundred thousand people without a flop, while Mark has been using his for 33 years.

Key elements for an effective ice-breaking experience are highlighted: choice, fun, simplicity, non-threatening nature, and interaction. They stress the importance of facilitators making these experiences engaging and comfortable for participants, allowing them to share at their own comfort level. The video concludes with a teaser for their next video, focusing on the best team-building activities.


Video 2 – What are the Best Teambuilding Activities?
In the second part of their series on team building, Mark and Chad share their combined 33 years of experience in leading group activities, aiming to provide practical, effective team-building exercises. They tell you why generic and unengaging activities often found online don’t work, and instead offer three of their favorite activities.


Video 3 – 7 Best Group Energizers, Warm-Ups, and Fun Games
In this third installment of their video series, Chad and Mark offer insights on different energizing exercises for groups, emphasizing the importance of changing a person’s state to influence their thoughts and behavior.

Video 4 – 5 Simple Teambuilding Activites for Debriefs
In the final video in the series, Mark and Chad discuss five team-building activities designed to enhance learning, reflection, and group dynamics. The activities are free and accessible to everyone, emphasizing the importance of reflection for productive teamwork.