Activity to Increase Intelligence: Question Quest

Jan 23, 2024

I started this session I was leading by engaging the audience in an activity designed to illustrate resistance to change – just the simple act of crossing your arms. Try it now. Cross your arms. Now, take a look at your arms, and whichever one is on top, switch them. How does that feel? Uncomfortable? Awkward? I thought so.

If you were inspired to try to do this every day, just cross your arms, then cross them the other way, well, frankly, not much would change. Except you’d be very skilled at crossing your arms both ways. It’s not a very useful skill to have.


But what is a fairly useful skill to have is learning how to get a little bit smarter on a specific topic, challenge, or problem – something you’re trying to achieve.

Someone much more intelligent than me once described intelligence as “the number of cases you have in your brain.”

In two minutes, I’m going to give you a quick tip to increase the number of cases in your brain, no matter where you are or what you’re currently doing. It’s just a really quick way to up your intelligence almost immediately.

Take that question/challenge/problem you’re struggling with, and turn it into a question. (You can use the We! Connect Cards as inspiration for them if you need to.) Then just add context to the end of each of those fill in your problem?” See? It’s so easy. Then ask someone your question. Ask them about your problem without just saying “Can you fix my problem for me?” Se what they have to say. Collect those cases!