Building My Dream Conference in Under 10 Minutes

Mar 7, 2023

Designing the Dream Conference: 5 Ingredients for Unforgettable Events 🎉

Are you tired of attending conferences that follow the same old formula? In this blog post, we’re exploring how to create a conference experience that’s fresh, engaging, and unforgettable. Join me as I walk you through five ingredients that will help you create your dream conference, all within 10 minutes! And the best part? You can steal these ideas and apply them to any of your events, summits, or symposiums. 

Article Summary: 

  1. Unofficial start: Make connections before the event even begins! 💌
  2. Context hook: Pull everyone into the same context from the start. 🎣
  3. Connection before content: Shift from “me” to “we” early on. 🤝
  4. Content with a twist: Design content for contribution, not consumption. 🔄
  5. Closing: End with energy, insight, and connections. 🌟

Unofficial Start 

The first ingredient is the idea of an “unofficial start.” Before your event actually begins, it’s already started! Encourage connections through social media and email communications. Ask questions and get attendees engaged with one another, even before they step foot in the conference venue. This creates a sense of community and excitement before the event even starts. 🌐

Context Hook

The second ingredient is the context hook. Bring everyone into the same context, regardless of their individual experiences. Start your conference with an engaging question that everyone can relate to. This way, attendees are fully present and focused from the get-go, allowing your conference to make an immediate impact. 

Connection Before Content

The third ingredient is prioritizing connection before content. Turn attendees from isolated individuals into a unified community by fostering connections from the start. Design activities and exercises that encourage interaction and collaboration. This way, attendees can share their experiences, speak the same language, and solve problems together. 

Content with a Twist 

The fourth ingredient is content designed for contribution, not consumption. To compete with YouTube and other content platforms, create an experience that is irreplaceable. Design presentations, workshops, and keynotes that invite audience participation and contribution. This will leave attendees feeling inspired, connected, and eager for more. 


The final ingredient is a memorable closing. End your conference with an energy level that matches your desired impact. Instead of a traditional closing speech, invite attendees to connect with each other and share their gratitude for the experience. This will create lasting impressions and ensure that your conference is remembered fondly. 

Bonus: Creative Conference Spaces 

Design conference spaces that encourage connections and push the envelope. Create collaborative murals, intimate conference pods, or connection corners for low-key conversations. Explore unique ideas like giant conference seesaws or interactive installations. The possibilities are endless! 🚀

With these five ingredients, you’re well on your way to creating a dream conference experience that attendees will never forget. Push the boundaries, foster connections, and design unforgettable events. And if you need help along the way, check out my connected conference offering in the link below. I’m Chad Littlefield, have an awesome day! 🌟