What’s the difference?

Connection? Belonging? Trust? The 3 definitions that I unpack in the video above will help you think differently about these words. A big shoutout to my late co-founder, co-author and friend, Will Wise, for helping me to “co-think” through these distinctions.

I’ve included the definitions in written form at the bottom of this email as well.

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PSBelow are the definitions I share in this week’s video in case it is useful to have them in writing. 

Connection happens when people are seen, heard, and understood for exactly who they are (and for who they are not)

Belonging is when people are accepted for who they are (and for who they are not.)

Trust is when people can express who they are (and who they are not) with an assurance of being included and uplifted in the process.

Of course, there are 1,000,001 nuances around these words, so please do let me know YOUR thoughts on these definitions in the comments of the video!

PPSLastly, here is that video of me having my mind blown by ChatGPT along with a bunch of practical applications for leaders and educators.