Best Meeting Icebreaker: Connection Before Content

Nov 1, 2022

Why Connection Before Content Matters

Connection before content creates an environment where people feel comfortable being authentic and vulnerable, leading to more productive meetings and stronger relationships. By focusing on connecting people to each other and the purpose of the gathering, you can enhance engagement and create a more meaningful experience.

Three Checklist Items for Effective Connection Before Content

  1. Connect people to each other
  2. Connect to the purpose of the meeting or event
  3. Create choice for authenticity and vulnerability

Implementing Connection Before Content

Come up with a single question that meets the three criteria above, beginning with “how” or “what.” For example, a suitable question might be, “What are you intending to achieve at work and what about that is important?” Then, invite the group to discuss their answers in groups of three for 3 to 15 minutes, depending on the context.

Afterward, bring the breakout groups together by facilitating a popcorn share-out session with the question, “What struck you about that experience?”

Framing Connection Before Content for a Grumpy Group

  1. Ask a question that adds value to the group if answered, which will increase buy-in from participants.
  2. Be clear about your intent and share it with the group before launching the activity.


By focusing on connection before content, you can create a more meaningful and productive group environment. If you found this video insightful, consider subscribing and liking the video. For more resources on creating connection, explore the Connection Toolkit and the Connection Before Content Masterclass.


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