Your team might be running on fumes, but you can help them pick back up!
It’s been a jam-packed couple of years. We’re all tired, we’re worn out, and most of us feel like we’re still having too many meetings. (Psst… check out last week’s video to help make turn mundane meetings into memorable meetings.)
Today’s video is focused on boosting morale. By the end of the video, you’ll have:

  • a fresh, healthy perspective on “boosting morale”
  • 2 activities called “New News” and “Goldmine of Goodness” that can help bring your team’s energy back
  • A deeply thought provoking and challenging Eleanor Roosevelt quote

Leave a comment on the video with YOUR suggestion on how to boost morale. If you do, you will (a) have made the internet a slightly better place today and (b) contributed to a collective goldmine of group wisdom which you can then learn from beyond the video. Write anything that has worked well for you. (Besides pizza. Pizza is a given morale-booster.)

Toward real connection—online and off,

Creator of the Connection Toolkit
Co-Founder at We and Me

PS –  If you don’t have our Connection Toolkit or my Connection Before Content Masterclass yet…what’s up with that? 😄 They are both packed with practical ways to boost morale, increase engagement, and spark meaningful connection. Plus, if you don’t absolutely LOVE them, we’ll refund you right away. Might even be the only time I don’t ask a powerful question.

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