Have you hit a learning plateau? Have you even noticed? Don’t duck under your desk—it’s ok. It tends to happen to all of us once we get to a certain point in our leadership roles.

But while It’s ok, you should try to push past it. Hitting that learning plateau can have big drawbacks for your career, your team, and your organization. And it’s no fun! Learning new things is fun. Continuing to figure out new ways of doing things is fun. Watching your team thrive because you’ve created a culture of learning and psychological safety is fun. Stagnation is never a good time.

Watch today’s video, and by the time you’re finished, you’ll have learned:

  • The 3 questions (well, technically 2 questions and 1 thought-provoking comment) that pushed me into being a smarter, better leader
  • What exactly a failure resume is and how I use it to grow as a facilitator
  • How I learned that ‘expulsion’ is actually a word

 Just by watching this video you’ll get a head start to breaking through that learning plateau!

Toward real connection—online and off,

Creator of the Connection Toolkit
Co-Founder at We and Me

PSIn the spirit of asking questions that spark change, we’ve bundled together our Ask Powerful Questions book with the Guided Journal. You can check it out here

PPS Do you finally want to hear the story of the girl in the green jacket? Or just learn a few things about taking some social risks and watching them pay off? Check out these other 2 videos.

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