I get asked A LOT by colleagues, friends and potential clients if they can pick my brain. For a cup of coffee. Or perhaps over lunch. Or even in an email or phone call. All of my being wants to say “YES” to all of these requests! After all, I’m in the business of connection and I know how valuable those connections can be. Practically though, I wouldn’t be able to respect my time and manage it all.

Good news is that I offer a number of options, ranging from a one-off “pick-your-brain” session for an hour or mentoring packages where we can really gain you progress. These can either be held 1-to-1 or with a small group and are for people who need specific advice or help on a particular business challenge.

Some of the areas that people ofter seek guidance on are:

    • How to choose the right “icebreaker activity” or “teambuilding” activity for your group
    • How to make meetings more engaging and interactive
    • How to build trust in a reluctant and resistant group
    • How to best utilize our cards or Connection Toolkit with your specific group
    • How to navigate tough group dynamics or conflicting personalities at work
    • How to lead activities to boost morale
    • How to write a book
    • How to design, produce, distribute, and sell a card deck
    • How to run a successful speaking and facilitation business (note: I’ll meet pro bono if you’ve already read this book)

For pricing and availability, I’d love to hear from you and invite you to reach out to me directly at chad@weand.me. Me or my dynamite assistant, Alyzah, will be delighted to get in touch right away to explore partnership possibilities.

With gratitude,

Chad Littlefield

P.S. – I still work to provide plenty of free insight and advice – you can read my blog, sign up to my interactive learning letter, or checkout our tools and accompanying online resources right here.


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