We named our company We and Me, Inc. because we strongly believe in the power of working strongly together. Also, after going in and partnering with dozens of organizations, we noticed a pattern in the dynamics that caused some teams to thrive—and others to struggle. All of these dynamics seemed to fall into two main buckets. On one hand, we had our default mindsets, leadership styles, and cultures. The “me” space. On the other hand, we noticed when leaders and organizations had more deliberate mindsets, leadership styles, and cultures. The “we” space. Organizations that work toward building that capacity for a “we” mentality are the ones who are creating a work environment worth showing up to. Typeform is a great example of one of our much loved clients who do this really well.

In short, we work with organizations who are ready to shift from “me” to “we.” We help them to extend their perspectives and gain an understanding of those around them. Our 8 mindsets and dynamics break down what a “me” mindset means when it comes to our communication, why it is not ideal for a work environment, and how we can make the positive shift to view the world as a “we.” Below are two examples of these “we” and “me” mindsets which often show up in teams.

We and Me Model Listening to Understand and Listening to Win

We and Me Model Exploring Possibilities and Making Assumptions

To better share this framework, Chad Littlefield and Will Wise sit down for 9 fun and powerful videos to teach you a little bit about the We & Me Model dynamics and why they matter to you. Enjoy the intro, and stay tuned for more!


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