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The Challenge

Student retention statistics are already being shaped on Day 1 of orientation—and even before. No matter the reputation of your school, if students don’t form meaningful human connections quickly, they are significantly more likely to leave within the first year. Events alone rarely increase retention or build community. Neither do moon bounces, riding bulls, and concerts. They are fun. Yet students stay at their school for deeper reasons than “that was fun.” On top of this, in our digital age, we’ve lost touch with the art, science, and social skills of building authentic, face-to-face relationships. Glued to our devices, many aren’t as comfortable connecting offline.

The Solution

Build retention through relationships. Kickoff your semester with an experience facilitated by Chad. With over a decade of experience working in universities, Chad brings a deep empathy for the challenges you are up against in your programs.  We’ve designed tools, card decks and experiences specifically for the college context. We work hard to ensure our interactive keynotes and workshops increase psychological safety and inclusivity for all. Data collected on the efficacy of our programs communicates one clear message time and time again: we increase the relationships that increase retention.

Impact & Results

Give Every Student a Place to Belong

We guarantee staff and students will be positively impacted by our programs—or we’ll hand your money straight back

Stronger & More Cohesive Class

We work closely with you to align with the messaging that is most important to you and your institution

Build Essential Leadership & Social Skills

In a digital world, those who learn to ask great questions, listen deeply, and build trust have better careers and life outcomes

What Students Often Say

What Does the Program Look and Feel Like?

We have three levels or “tiers” that we partner with colleges and universities on through our Retention through Relationships program. There is a level for every group, need and budget. Each consists of a blend of:
Large group interactive keynotes at convocation, orientation, welcome week, or leadership events
Small group face-to-face training with student leaders and/or staff
Virtual Momentum Meetings to deepen learning and prevent burnout for both students and staff
Complete access to Chad and Will throughout the partnership

Snapshot of Interactive Keynote

Note: all of our programs also equip your students and staff with items from our Connection Toolkit

After facilitating thousands of staff and students, over…


Report a stronger stronger sense of connection, belonging, and trust at school.


I’ve asked our B1G colleagues about programs that “stick”, and the room fell silent. I found myself (at work) asking the question – “How in the world am I going to help get these students to connect with each other?” We started a partnership with We and Me, Inc., and last summer we implemented a new Summer Welcome Kick-Off event. This program worked. Our student engagement rates of our summer starts were through the roof. And, their early behavior suggested that they took the connections to heart, demonstrating increased bystander intervention behaviors. It was a huge win.

Dan Murphy | Director of Student Orientation | Penn State University

Penn State

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