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The Challenge

Most conferences go something like this: thank sponsors, keynote, breakout, panel, lunch, keynote, panel, yawn, and on and on. The impact is: folks get lots of information. Then they get home without a clue of what to do with it. Motivation fades quickly, and soon we’re back to square one.
The “sit and get” or “sage on the stage” model that conferences traditionally employ is simply not designed for the way the human brain is wired to connect and learn. If you have 500+ people at your event and only one person is talking, 499+ perspectives are getting lost. No matter how many panels, keynote, or breakouts you cram into your event, the learning cannot be personalized for everyone.

Rather than the expert being on the stage, what if we invited the audience to be the experts of their own experience and engage with each other? That is where personalized learning and a more conscious conference begins.

The Solution

Kickoff with “connection before content” rather than a list of sponsors and logos. We have dozens of powerful large-group exercises in our toolbox to invite people to connect quickly—and meaningfully. Make your keynote and panels come alive. We can work with your other speakers to turn their content into an 5-10 minute interactive experience which we lead after they get the standing ovation. Create breakouts built for “conscious connections.” For people who came to connect, our keynotes and breakouts are designed to increase those amazing, serendipitous connections people flew in for. Finally, close your event powerfully. Imagine people getting up, and building a wall of sticky notes with the actions that they are committing to taking once they leave.
95% of our participants experience and report more connection, belonging, and trust at events we facilitate than any other event they’ve ever been to.

What do you mean when you say “interactive?”

Impact & Results

Amplified Trust & Connection

Great events build trust and connection between participants and our work with you accelerates that process and makes it engaging

Stronger & More Cohesive Theme

We always work closely with you to go in the direction of your theme to make your event feel cohesive

Fresh ideas & Momentum for Action

Learnings come from the audience when we facilitate your event, rather than only from the “sage on the stage” and people always leave with action top of mind

After facilitating thousands of events, over…


Feel a stronger stronger sense of connection, belonging, and trust.


“Chad and Will brought our audience engagement to new heights. The content they presented went hand in hand with the TED motto of ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ and helped connect our attendees to have important, progressive conversations that otherwise would not have happened.”

Kevin F. | TEDx

TEDx Logo

“Infusing the Conscious Capitalism conference off with sessions by Chad and Will was just what we needed to set the tone for the rest of our event. They opened the hearts and minds of the participants to help them become more fully engaged and connected.”

Julie V. | Conscious CapitalismConscious Capitalism Interactive Keynote

“Just the right balance between profound insights into our psychology and fun exercises. I can’t think about better activity for such a large group, being fun and inspirational at the same time!”

Ivan | Typeform

We and Me, Inc. has the ability to tailor to needs and make it relatable enough to invite everyone to feel comfortable. Chad and Will have amazing alignment, self-awareness, and facilitation techniques.

Organizational Effectiveness Team | jetBlue Airways

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