Intro to Our Mindset and Model for Leadership Lab

Purpose of Leadership Lab

At both the leadership team, staff, and volunteer level, this program is designed to unpack and explore two key mindsets and a suite of brain-based tools to shift the culture in your organization from “me” to “we.” Even a two millimeter shift in someone’s mindset can have profound effects on the impact they’ll be able to create in your organization.

During our work together, we will…

  1. Practice skills to build relationships of trust and inspire deeper engagement
  2. Apply concrete, actionable tools for asking more powerful questions
  3. Discover better ways to connect people and break down communication barriers
  4. Use communication techniques to create connections and foster a more collaborative environment
  5. Explore the “ME” and “WE” mindsets to expand our view of leadership
  6. Build brain-based skills to be a more effective communicator

Our brains generally operate in one of two mindsets: either “me” or “we.” One is not bad, and one is not good. They are natural. Our brain’s amygdala fuels the “me” mindset while our frontal cortex gets to handle the “we” mindset. Our Leadership Lab Workshop and Development Series explores these two personal – and organizational – perspectives.

Below is a high level, visual overview of the dynamics and mindsets in Leadership Lab. Each module has specific tools to help people – and teams – shift from a “me” mindset to a “we” mindset when it matters most.

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