Engaging Closing Activity: Group Anthem

Oct 2, 2023

One of my favorite closing exercises that I’ve learned is called the “Group Anthem.” I first learned this from a facilitator named Nate Follin in New Hampshire. Let me explain what it’s about.

What is the Group Anthem?

Despite its name, there’s no singing involved. It’s simple. After spending quality time together, whether that’s a 75-minute session or a keynote in a large group, participants are tasked to come up with one closing statement reflecting on our shared experience.

The interesting twist is that your statement must begin with one of three phrases: “I am,” “I believe,” or “I will.”

For instance, I’ll kick it off by sharing my sentiment: “I am really grateful for your attention. Your attendance might have been somewhat mandatory, but your attention was optional. I genuinely appreciate that you chose to give me one of your non-renewable resources – your precious time.”

Others who participated added their own reflections:

  • Carmelita Weakley said, “I will be creative in building transparent relationships.”
  • Asia mentioned, “I am going to try to work better with our groups, doing more group activities.”
  • Tara Babb expressed, “I will use much of the informative information I received in this workshop today to better engage my parents and facilitate group activities in my facility.”
  • Dana Crawford shared, “I believe I was supposed to be here today.”
  • Andrea Pykoff said, “I’m excited to use some of the new techniques I’ve learned to become a better facilitator. I think they’ll benefit us all.”

In closing, it’s a beautiful way to end a session. Remember, it’s not about the quantity but the quality of reflection. As my mother always advised, “End the party while it’s still fun.”

Thank you all for your participation and engagement.