How Long Does it Take to Make Friends?

(Research-backed answer)

Not going to lie…this is easily the most awkward thumbnail photo my design team has ever created 🤣 I cringed when I first saw it. 

But I asked the team leave it instead of revising because…

Meeting new people can be awkward. There is a period of time where you are figuring each other out, sharing pieces of yourself, settling into some norms, and that can be just plain awkward.

Recently I got curious…how long does it take for that discomfort to go away? To feel 100% comfortable being yourself with another person?

And I mean…show up to their house without notice…in crocs and pajamas…kind of comfortable.

In today’s video, I share some fascinating research and data on how long it takes to make a friend.

It really helped me consider my own relationships in a new light. 

Please write a comment on YouTube with your own thoughts and reaction to this data. I’d love to know! 

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