Last week, I led a virtual workshop at a university where I completely failed to follow my own advice here.

It ended terribly.

Well…I should say that I ended it terribly. We got cut short, ran out of time, and closed in a bit of a hurried, “thanks, bye” kind of wrap up.

Have your meetings, gatherings or events ever ended in a hurry?

Or an anti-climactic fizzle?

Or gone on and on…and onand onand on…AND ON?

The problem with this is that our brains tend to remember what happens first and last in a “learning episode.” In psychology, this is called the Primacy/Recency Effect.

In today’s video, you’ll learn 5 different techniques you can use to end a meeting or event on a high—rather than a “well…I guess that’s it, folks.” 

Toward real connection—online and off,

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5 Essential Ingredients for Virtual Engagement

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