If you go into a group setting and tell everyone that you’re going to do an icebreaker, some will start to break out in hives. Others will play along. And some will genuinely enjoy. 

But you can make great, meaningful engagement and connection happen without ever even uttering the “I-word”! 

In today’s video, I’m going to literally walk you through 10 QUICK ways, to immediately spark engagement in your group and on your team. 

And just to make these super easy to apply, I share 2 activities for each one of my 5 Ingredients for Engagement. 5 x 2 = 10, right? Yes. Good 👍👍

Toward real connection—online and off,

Creator of the Connection Toolkit
Co-Founder at We and Me


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PPS – Working remote? Got an upcoming virtual program you want to feel fresh? Check out this video that tackles 3 Group Activities To Keep Virtual Fresh

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