Do you feel like no one’s listening to you no matter what you do? This can understandably make you feel insignificant, but you can change this scenario! Learn more about how to get people to listen to you and what you can do by watching this video!

In case you don’t have time for the full video, below are some key moments you can jump to:

Key Moments in this Episode


00:00 Intro & Summary
00:35 What To Avoid Doing To Get People To Listen
01:15 Using The 5 Senses To Reset People’s Attention
02:26 How To Get People’s Attention Virtually
02:51 Using Activities & Exercises To Reset People’s Attention
03:54 How To Get People To Listen With The Pink Sheet Process
05:03 Example Of How To Encourage Full Spectrum Thinking
06:15 Having Clear Intentions To Get People To Listen
07:15 Using Context Hooks To Get People To Listen
07:30 How To Get People To Listen With Curiosity
08:10 Listening To Understand vs Listening To Win
08:37 Get More Tips On Creating Better Connections

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5 Essential Ingredients for Virtual Engagement

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