Hey and welcome to cyberspace. In this video, we’re going to unpack how to engage a virtual team specifically through the lens of this idea and activity called Visualizing Values. This video is really unique because you can watch it and learn yourself on how to just take up this activity and lead it with your team, your class, your group the moment this video ends. Or you can actually jump to this time stamp where I actually just go ahead and facilitate the activity as if I was leading the exercise with your group so that you can just queue me up and I will facilitate the activity for you and you can pause at points that make sense to pause. Or it’ll just be a good way to learn the activity seeing somebody else actually lead it as if they were live in a virtual meeting with a team. This activity is really great whether you have a team of 4 people or 40 people or 400 people. I would just say as you get to larger group sizes, if you’re going to be doing this in a virtual conference format or something like that, you definitely want to weave in breakouts into this activity. 

Blog Note: The following is an adapted and edited transcript of one of our daily YouTube tutorials. We know sometimes it is easier to scroll through written content which is why we are publishing here. Because of that, there may be typos or phrases that seem out of context. You’ll definitely be able to get the main idea. To get the full context, visit our YouTube channel hereAnd if you want to watch the video on this topic specifically, you can scroll down to the bottom of this post to access it as well. 

This activity comes from a deck called We! Engage Cards which naturally is a really great resource to help engage your virtual team and in-person team. However, you don’t actually need the deck in order to facilitate this. There are ways to facilitate it where just you have the deck. There are really cool ways to facilitate it if everybody on your team has a deck which is by the way, a really engaging strategy to be able to all have the same item in person. Now, that said, it might not be reasonable for you to get a deck of these for everybody. You can also… Anytime I say choose an image… The deck by the way has images and quotes on the cards. Anytime I say choose an image, you can invite your group to choose an object as well. As I facilitate this exercise I’ll actually say choose an image or object. That if the group has the deck, awesome. It’s going to be super fun because you can have people hold up and you can see which people choose images and values that match and align. But if not, you can have them go on a little scavenger hunt and grab objects around their house, their space, their office. If you’ve got some in the office, some at home  that represent a value. That is plenty of setup. 

Visualizing Values Activity

Hey y’all. Good to be sharing some pixels with you. Thanks for inviting me into your space. I’m Chad Littlefield and today, we’re going to spend a quick minute visualizing values. The reason I want to visualize values is values are kind of like fingerprints, right? Everybody’s are very unique but we leave them all over everything we do. There’s just immense value in connecting to what we value, right? Because we prioritize what’s  important to us. And what we value is typically important to us. And what’s important to us is typically what we value. You know when the word priority came over to English, it was just singular. Priority. And yeah, if you’re watching this video you probably are living in a culture  and a context where you’ve got way too much to do in too little time. And as a team, you might feel like you’ve got too much to do in too little time. Oftentimes we do, do, do, do but we forget to connect to why we do them, right? Or to the underlying values that we have while we’re doing them which very much shape what we create, what we build together as a group.

What I  would love for you to do right now is in a moment, pause this video and take a minute and choose an image or object that represents a value that you feel like is really important to bring forward in this team. Choose a value that you feel like is really important to you as a member  of this team. Now, notice my phrasing there. I’m not saying choose an image or an object of something that you value, right? Like don’t just grab a picture of your family and be like, “Here, I value my family”, right? We’re talking about choosing an image and using that as a metaphor. And the reason that there’s value in visualizing our values is that language and numbers tend to go into short-term memory, *boop* and then hop out about 13 seconds later.

Whereas visuals tend to go get encoded into long-term memory. 6 months from now as a team you’ll be like, “Oh, yeah. Chad chose that fortune cookie because he really values looking into the future but also simplifying creating the future to as simple as just cracking open a fortune cookie.” Thinking about the value that I have, I want to think about creating a future and not just being a victim to whatever is written on the inside of the fortune cookie. I value really actively creating the future. And I think that’s important for this team because if we just let ourselves get disrupted rather than being the disrupters. We might not be around so long, right? Do you see how that in that example,I’m sharing a value that I have paired with an image. In a moment, go on a virtual scavenger hunt if you want.

If you’ve got this deck of We! Engage Cards lying around feel free to just choose an image from the deck that represents the value you have and bring it back. You’ve got 60 seconds. Ready, set, go. Alright. You’ve got your image or object that you’ve brought back. Go ahead and hold it up to the camera to share with your group. And this is where I say goodbye and let you all have a discussion about what you value as a group. Depending on your group size, if you’re a smaller team, feel free to go around. I believe virtually that alphabetical order saves lives. Feel free to not fight over argue who goes first or next. Just start sharing the image or object that you chose and the value that it represents starting with first name beginning with a and going to z in alphabetical order. If you’re a bigger crew, I would highly recommend splitting out into breakouts. And remember that the way that we listen often changes what people say. Don’t be worried about what you’re  going to share or what you’re going to say. Just be totally tuned into what your team members, classmates, peeps are saying. I’m Chad. This was lovely there’s 2 other videos linked here with 2 other exercises that you can do to just increase the engagement and disrupt your flow or your norm  in how you virtually meet. I hope this was really helpful. Have an awesome day.


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