October 14, 2019

Two Words to Promote Equity and Inclusion

Equity and inclusion are essential ingredients for creating a culture of connection, belonging, and trust. 

My favorite way to weave a more inclusive and empathetic mindset into your language and actions is to add “for me” to the end of your sentences (out loud or in your mind). Examples:

  • This is not expensive (for me). 
  • This project was really easy (for me). 
  • Fear for my safety going out at night is not an issue (for me). 
  • Working 60-80 hours a week isn’t a big deal (for me). 

Want to turn it into a question? Try adding “for you” onto the end of your questions. 

Thanks and appreciation to Meg Bolger, co-creator of The Safe Zone Project and social justice master facilitator, for sharing this gem with me. These two words totally changed the world and turned things upside down “for me.”



If you are interested in working with us through our “Retention Through Relationships” program to increase inclusion, belonging, engagement and retention, just hit “reply” to let us know, and we’d be happy to share more info. 

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