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Our brains generally operate in one of two mindsets. Either ‘me’ or ‘we.’ One is not bad, and one is not good. They are natural. Our amygdala fuels the me mindset while our frontal cortex gets to handle the we mindset. The language shown below offer a taste of these two personal – and organizational – mindsets.


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From decades of experience and a tall stack of research, we have refined the complexity of our brains to 8 ways of thinking and being. Below are 6 of them.

Same old We and Me Framework

Create new We and Me Framework

Listening to Win We and Me Framework&
Listening to Understand We and Me Framework

Social Risk We and Me Framework&
Risk We and Me Framework

Me Mindset-04&
Need to be Right vs. Open

Alone We and Me Framework&
We and Me Framework

Making Assumptions vs. Exploring Possibilities We and Me Framework

Making Assumptions vs. Exploring Possibilities We and Me Framework


For each “we” and “me” mindset above, we have a teachable tool and curriculum to move from one mindset to the other. For example, “Asking Powerful Questions” is the tool that allows the people and organizations we work with to move from a place of “Making Assumptions” to a place of “Exploring Possibilities.”

For this one tool, we have a 3-6 hour, interactive training module that will equip people with the skill set to consistently ask powerful questions. When an organizations adopts a culture of asking powerful questions, communication, creativity, and productivity drastically improve. Each of the tools are designed to build more trusting relationships which help teams navigate healthy conflict and, ultimately, enhance their ability to work effectively together.

We help teams shift from me to we.


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