Art of connection

Spark engagement and make your event come alive with our collaborative connection mural

Make your conference or event stand out from the crowd.

We’ll setup and facilitate the Art of Connection experience from start to finish.
No extra work on your end.
Engagement and connection that transforms ideas into actions that day.

Visualize the connections your conference, summit, or event creates

Build lasting connections between attendees
Strengthen the culture of your event to keep people coming back
Create a truly interactive experience for attendees

Interactive challenge cards spark more conscious engagement

Thoughtful, fun challenges that people won’t groan at.
Build a we-focused culture at your event.
Engagement and connection that transform ideas into actions that day.

How does it work? Attendees simply…

Choose a challenge card

Color in a section on the mural

Complete the action

Action cards are thoughtfully colored coded, and you can…

…customize the mural with your message, theme, or #hashtag

“We and Me, Inc. brought our audience engagement to new heights. The content they presented went hand in hand with the TED motto of 'Ideas Worth Spreading' and helped connect our attendees to have important, progressive conversations that otherwise would not have happened.“

Kevin F.

TEDx Logo Audience Engagement

“Starting the Conscious Capitalism conference off with a session by Will and Chad was just what we needed to set the tone for the rest of our event. Our conference was 100% more connected and engaged thanks to their interactive style.“

Julie V. | Director

Conscious Capitalism Interactive Keynote

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Chad Littlefield and Will Wise Founders of We!